Quarterflash - 1985 Back Into Blue

ARTIST: Quarterflash
ALBUM: Back Into Blue
LABEL: Geffen
SERIAL: GHS 24078 (LP), 24078-2 (CD)
YEAR: 1985


LINEUP: Rindy Ross - vocals, saxophones * Marv Ross - guitars, keyboards * Rick Gooch - bass * Brian David Willis - drums, drum programming, keyboards *Daniel Brandt - keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Walking On Ice * 02 Caught In The Rain * 03 Back Into Blue * 04 Talk To Me * 05 I Want To Believe It's You * 06 Love Without A Net (You Keep Me Falling) * 07 Come To Me * 08 Grace Under Fire * 09 Just For You * 10 Welcome To The City


Quarterflash shot to prominence in 1981 with their smash hit 'Harden My Heart' taken from the best selling debut album.

Hailing from Portland Oregon, their sound is an amalgam of artists like Kim Carnes, Pat Benatar and the AOR tinged moments of Fleetwood Mac.

Formed around the base of husband and wife team Marv and Rindy Ross, it's a pleasant enough romp through the softer reaches of melodic rock, with an emphasis on smooth radio oriented songs, with some saxophone in there to change it up a bit.

The Songs

The first two albums were considered to be 'middle of the road' as opposed to true AOR. It wasn't until their third effort 'Back Into Blue' that things got interesting.

Sure, it's still on the softer side, but the arrangements seem to sparkle that much more. Some of them are quite hi-tech, like the opener 'Walking On Ice', which has an uptempo driving back-beat with the keyboards on arpeggiator mode!

'Caught In The Rain', is a mid paced AOR track with Pat Benatar influences, while the saxophone ridden 'Talk To Me' could be a Michael Stanley track, though with female vocals.

'Love Without A Net' is a smooth piece, where Rindy's vocals resonate with the same timbre as the lovely Shania Twain. Quarterflash mix reggae and rock together on 'Come To Me' while we get some big keyboard bursts on 'Grace Under Fire'.

They finish off in a flurry with 'Welcome To The City'. Their strengths appeared to be with ballads, where their subtle appreciation of melody and deftness shone. Though on 'Back Into Blue' they surprisingly only had one, the mellow 'I Want To Believe It's You'.

In Summary

At the end of the day though, Quarterflash were unable to follow up on the success of their debut despite their promise. Though admittedly their material was catchy, listenable, and definitely worth a mention on G-DAZE.

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  • aoraor
    Still enjoyable and very very underrated AOR band even among fans like us..'Talk to me' and 'Walking on ice' still possess the urgency, drama and beautiful feelings of the best aor moments of the eighties
    Other gems, all included in their best of, 'Take me the heart', 'Find another fool', the ballad 'Eye to eye', 'Take another picture' and the immortal 'Harden my heart'...Sorry George it is more aor than mor to my ears :-)
    Reply · · - July 08 2008 14:40:54
  • jeffduran
    Quarterflash were great! Perfect AOR imho....Best is the theme to 'Night Shift' from 1982!
    Reply · · - July 08 2008 19:14:45
  • melodiapositiva
    Their weakest album imho,too much pop for my ears .The first two albums are much better .
    Reply · · - October 15 2016 12:01:30
  • gdazegod
    The remaining two albums not yet reviewed (Take Another Picture and Girl In The Wind) are in the queue.
    Reply · · - May 10 2019 02:47:09
  • jeffrey343
    I didn't get this back when it came out. Not sure whether it was because I didn't know it was out or that I wasn't impressed with the first single "Talk To Me", which I honestly can't remember hearing back then, as it really didn't even make a dent in the charts. But I've been able to stream it for many years. It is a very decent effort, but quite a bit more hi-tech in sound than the first album and most of the second one. Not nearly as much sax, which is what made a huge impression on the first album. I can cherry-pick some songs from here that work well as a continuation when I play the first album. And now that the second one is available digitally, I can put together a nice playlist for when I'm in the mood for some Quarterflash.
    Reply · · - May 19 2019 02:36:37


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