Hit The Road Jack!

gdazegodgdazegod Posted 3 months ago
Hit The Road Jack! The big surprise for 2019!!

Over the Christmas/New Year break, I decided to pack up my house and hit the road travelling around Australia.

On a whim? Well yes, but I wasn't really looking forward to another year of Suburbia during 2019, so a change had to happen to feed my soul.

I'm aiming for about 6 to 9 months, and then make a decision about what happens after that.

Australia happens to be a near perfect country for camping, either Freedom camping or through paid Caravan Park camping sites, or pitching the tent or sleeping in the back of the SUV. There are many options to choose from.

So far I'm travelling around the state of Victoria, and it's the height of summer over here, with heat waves etc. A silly time to be travelling you may think, but it doesn't really matter because you get two extremes, in the height of summer and during the height of winter.

I've met plenty of people on the road, some with common stories to myself, some who are retirees and are travelling full-time in their retirement.

Many locals are sick of expensive rents and 30 year mortgages, and have opted out of the trap. There are plenty of foreign tourists too, usually from Europe and North America.

Sawpit Camp, McClay State Forest, Narrawong, VIC, a misty morning..

As for GDM, a lot will change. For instance, I won't be able to put up file shares anymore. As mentioned in a forum post the other day, most of my stuff is in long-term storage now.

While on the road, most of my work will be done by Android phone. On occasion I will have to hotspot to a laptop. This is especially so for working with mySQL databases, but at a pinch, I could probably do it on my phone. It will be a bit cumbersome but eventually I'll work out a system that works for me.

Uploading reviews might take a little bit longer. I need to work on a solution with the writing team because Word documents are pretty much unusable on a Android phone. We might have to resort to using text files, or just send PMs through the website.

My Internet is a fixed mobile plan now, a far cry from the 'all you can eat' unlimited plan I had living in a house! So I have to be conservative with my usage while on the road.

No doubt there will be tall tales to be told while out on this journey of discovery, I'll endeavour to keep everyone in the loop as to where I am and where I've been.

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I am the Super Administrator of GDM, and I currently live in Melbourne, AUST


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  • gdazegod
    Already struck two total fire ban days in a week. It's amazing to know how much Australians absolutely love their campfires in the middle of a state forest during the height of summer. Crazy. shock2
    Reply · · - January 31 2019 05:58:36
  • Candyman
    Never heard of Narrawong till now.I need to get out more lol
    Sounds like a great adventure.
    Reply · · - January 31 2019 08:33:11
  • dtabachn
    Amazing places to discover there, and time to feed your soul. Have a great time and be safe, George. clap2
    Reply · · - January 31 2019 14:26:19
  • gdazegod
    John, Narrawong is about 15km out of Portland, on the south Coast. Lovely spot though a bit dusty. But isn't all of Australia dusty at this time of year?, lol
    Reply · · - January 31 2019 23:43:17
    • Candyman
      Had a look on google and it looks like a top spot for relaxing. Definately dusty over in the west and its getting hot too after a mild start to the summer.
      Reply · · - February 01 2019 10:15:37
  • melodiapositiva
    I wish you enjoy your journey George,and keep telling us your adventuresWink
    Reply · · - February 01 2019 20:11:11
  • Nick C
    Nick C
    Nice - a tip of the hat to your spirit, hope you have a blast!
    Reply · · - February 01 2019 21:54:24
  • richardb
    Good for you George! It's all too easy to get sucked into the rat race and the same old boring routine. We're also feeling the urge to travel and are hoping to see a bit more of the world over the next few years...
    Reply · · - February 03 2019 20:30:14
  • swazi
    Have a great time, George! If you happen to meet my daughter Alicia, please say "hello" to her! Wink
    Reply · · - February 03 2019 21:14:27
  • Emda
    Enjoy your way out of the rat race of everyday life and the experience of reflexion and self-discovery. And BTW, great read and pictures. Have a great time George!
    Reply · · - March 23 2019 00:41:52


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