The future of Internet Copyright

gdazegodgdazegod Posted 9 months ago
The future of Internet Copyright I am unsure whether many of you have been following the debate over in Europe, regarding the proposed legislation for copyright changes.

If the European Union pass this legislation, it will rip the rug from underneath everyone's feet, regarding how content is shared and or accessed from one website to another.

So, this impacts on every level of activity across the Internet. The big players such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, they are all affected. In fact, much of their business is derived from accessing and sharing content, whether legal or otherwise. Particularly Google through its extensive harvesting technology and Search Engine.

And it's that last category 'otherwise' , which will be a huge cause of concern to those big companies.

It may very well be that in future, our GDM website will not be able to post YouTube videos anymore. Takedown notices could be more frequent, the amount of illegal content on YouTube is at mega levels anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if the YouTube people got out the big broom and swept up the room accordingly.

GDM will need to be careful about how puts its content up online. It may be that we have to take a firmer stance on ensuring that our content is not breached by others. There are tools out there on the net that can help look for plagiarism and to avoid having our content web scraped. We use our networking platform Cloudflare to help us with that, as they have anti web-scraping tools that we tap into.

But the compliance level could be too much for many and they would just simply disappear off the net. I would hope that won't apply to us, but the Internet landscape is changing by the day so anything could be possible, so within a year's time it could look quite different.

If GDM did decide to undertake a financial role and factor on a facility for payment options, credit cards etc, then we would definitely need to cover our arses from GDPR point of view.

There is now legislation popping up in Australia regarding breaking down encryption protocols, where Government now asks the internet providers to help break down encryption of its customers, and customer usage. That would be a disaster for people wanting to protect their identity and also to keep themselves secure from Internet rogues such as scammers, terrorists, burglars and identity thieves.

Yes, the Government is wanting to put a yawning big hole in the Internet to effectively allow this to happen. It's unbelievable. It will make people become more paranoid and start using tougher encryption tools to keep their identity and their activities behind closed doors. Maybe we just go back to using string, baked bean cans, phone lines, 4096 baud modems and Bulletin boards?

However, I am always hopeful that there are some technology boffins that are well ahead of the curve, that can develop solutions that would bypass the use of Internet providers and come up with a way where we can all communicate where the Government doesn't have a say in how the communication is enabled. Something like a mesh network perhaps.

Or maybe the whole thing can be neutralised by a large coronal mass ejection from the sun, which creates a huge EMP burst, which would knock out all electrical devices right across the globe. That would be it for Planet Earth, we would be totally f***** by then.

Rant off.

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  • gdazegod
    Since writing this, the Australian Government have backed off their Draconian draft legislation, and ensured that existing technologies such as VPN's and other encryption technologies will not require a backdoor loophole. We are not China. shock2
    Reply · · - October 01 2018 23:22:22
  • jefflynnefan
    I always try to delete my Youtube videos that I post after a certain amount of days have passed. Too avoid unwanted copyright issues.
    Reply · · - October 03 2018 01:26:14
  • gdazegod
    The encryption Bill/legislation has been passed in Australia. This sets a very dangerous precedent on a global scale. Watch VPN usage by everyday people rise to unprecedented levels.
    Reply · · - December 11 2018 11:14:40


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