Bye Bye Forum

gdazegodgdazegod Posted 7 months ago
Bye Bye Forum

It's the end of an era. Thank you GDM Forum but it's time to take your leave.

In 2019 we will be migrating to a new platform. I have a few ideas as to what it's going to be, but I'm not going to make that call just now. I will do some testing of different solutions and we'll see how that goes over the Christmas break.

As far as our site CMS is concerned, The Forum area is the odd man out. The code base is not even the same as the core, which makes the handling of some of our content a little bit awkward. To make matters worse it looks terrible on a mobile. Simply speaking, it has to go.

On the old site we had quite a bit of forum content. When we moved to the new one I wasn't able to convert it over because there were so many database changes involved. It really was a nightmare, so I left it alone.

As for the new platform, we should all be able to have better control over objects like images, videos (whether YouTube, Vimeo or wherever), plus thread connections to Facebook or Twitter posts.

I'm not quite sure about different Chat Boards just yet. One of the proposed solutions caters for it, but I'll need to test it.

So, what's likely to happen is that the old one will phase out, and the new one will kick in. The new one will be connected to a Chat Server sitting alongside our PHP Fusion Server in Manchester England. You will be able to connect to it via:

Web Browser
Windows Desktop Client
Mac Desktop Client
Linux Desktop Client
Android Mobile App
iOS Mobile App

All the bases covered.

I will make further announcements as we head further down the track.


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I am the Super Administrator of GDM, and I currently live in Melbourne, AUST


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  • Explorer
    I'm happy to go with whatever you do George, as you know my internet shortcomings are well documented!!. GDM is as always a great place to share views and opinions.
    Reply · · - December 14 2018 18:46:00
  • dtabachn
    I second Malcolm's thoughts. I've always enjoyed the way discussions are conducted at GDM, in an informative and positive manner without excesses. As far as we are able to share thoughts and information (be it in real time like chat rooms, or through forums), the preferred tool is just a matter of what technically suits better for the site. Thanks George for all your efforts in keeping GDM alive and relevant.
    Reply · · - December 17 2018 19:08:46


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