Karma and heavy metal

gdazegodgdazegod Posted 6 months ago
Karma and heavy metal I have always taken an interest in spiritual and metaphysical areas.

This goes back to when I was a child, where I could see and sense things at a young age.

I'm a believer that children when they are growing up through the toddler and infant years, are very receptive to a lot of different energy which goes on around them. This all gets weaned off of course as we get older and we become more conditioned by society and dumbed down as we head into our teenage years.

Which kind of leads me into this blog about the aspects of karma and heavy metal music. Two odd subjects to put into the same blog, but anyway. I'm guessing most of you will be familiar with the latter but perhaps not so familiar with the former, and how these two interrelate.

I'm not going to turn this into a scientific dissertation, no far from it. But I'll start with the first - karma.

Whether you believe your journey through life has a preordained path, in terms of tasks and achievements you are setting out to do, that is entirely up to your belief system.

I'm of the opinion that yes, we come into this existence with an inkling of our future unfolding before us. Whether we achieve it or not is a different story. We are none the wiser, even on our deathbed.

Even from a young age, we were taught how to live our lives in the right way rather than the wrong way by our parents mostly. There are things that we know to be painfully wrong. Things like murder, greed, envy, lust. Even suicide. All the things on the list of Seven Deadly Sins and the Ten Commandments.

Coming down to Earth and incarnating on this world is a test. It's a really hard test.

If you believe like I do that when we leave this mortal coil we will eventually return somewhere else, but do we come back and reincarnate and pick up where we left off previously? Or do we take a retrograde step backwards because of some of the bad things that we've done? That makes for some interesting discussion.

For me personally, all the way through my childhood right up until my late High School years, I was blissfully unaware of these types of things in my innocent existence. All I knew then was how to kick and pass a rugby ball, hit a tennis ball (quite well actually), and listen to beautiful melodic music.

I only really became jolted into reality when I joined the workforce, and saw how my circle of friends and colleagues all lived, and it was a hell of a lot different than what I was used to. I was quite shocked.

By the early 80's, my love affair with melodic music shifted somewhat to heavier styles and I guess you could call it lyrically negative music as well. Bands like Venom, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., and anything else that had a negative aspect to it had come onto my radar.

Recently I read some material on the subject matter of karma, and I decided to throw into the search engine the terms: karma and heavy metal music. Just to see what would come up.

I was worried that if I listened to too much negatively inclined heavy metal that I would return in a new afterlife in a slightly lesser form. I'm not talking chimpanzee, monkey or a refugee from Somalia, but perhaps someone who is reborn with sickness, ailments, maybe an ear infection issue, or maybe I return as a classical musician, or a deaf mute? lol. That would be punishment!

By now you can see where I'm going with this?

I read recently where someone made a comment that heavy metal music in its purest form has no karma. It's just vibration. But the intent of the lyrics was something different altogether.

So I guess that's why I haven't really taken to genres like death metal, thrash, and other forms of extreme metal. Bands like Slayer just didn't do my vibration any good whatsoever. At least I knew that much. So perhaps listening to all that sugar sweet CCM AOR during the late 80's placated my soul somewhat? Maybe I might return in the afterlife as Kim Kardashian's underwear! haha!

So to wrap it up, in 2019 I think you'll find that I'll be listening to less heavy metal, more instrumental music, loads more music with melody, and perhaps music with a simpler and positive message. Not quite folk music, but who knows, this style of music may become popular once again. [gulp]

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  • Explorer
    Blimey, never expected this article to surface at GDM!!
    In an earlier career I was (believe it or not) a tutor in child development with a degree in Psychology...it takes all sorts I guess.
    Some interesting points you raise George.
    Historically, psychologists tend to struggle somewhat with the concept of Karma....not scientific enough for us lot I`m afraid, but with other abstract concepts such as love, fear, anger etc, Karma seems to mean something different to everyone, although most would probably agree it has something to do with the principles of destiny, fate, predeterminism, and even as you mention reincarnation, although there`s always an implication of the absence of freewill when Karma is involved, but that`s a debate for another day!!
    I`m not a believer in Karma as such, but there`s a place in the world for people who wish to live by such beliefs. Me, I tend to approach things rather more scientifically, and in terms of how children develop/learn through their early years I look to the work of Jean Piaget and his theory of cognitive development which suggested that children progress through four different stages of mental development with his theory generally focuses not only on understanding how children acquire knowledge, but also on understanding the nature of intelligence. I also put a lot of importance on the work of Jerome Bruner who like Piaget developed a stages model of children`s development, but they tended to disagree with each other about the readiness for children to move between the different stages.
    Anyway, this is now beginning to sound like a scientific dissertation now..sorry.
    As for Music, like Karma I`ve never really bought into the idea that listening to Heavy Metal makes you a bad person or gives off negative energy. We like what we like, I go through periods where I can quite easily play a lot of (for want of a better word) `aggressive` music, and other times sugar sweet pop music....and all points in-between I might add, and as for it having a impact on what (or who) I might come back as. I just don`t give it any thought really, maybe I should.
    All that being said George, an interesting, thought provoking piece and has had me reaching back into my old psychology days, something that I have not done for a fair number of years now.
    Reply · · - December 17 2018 17:25:30
  • dtabachn
    Fascinating subject, and a very personal one for everyone of us. I love almost all forms of heavy metal as far as there's melody and double kick drumming doesn't give me headaches; but I also meditate for at least 15 minutes almost on a daily basis.

    On the surface, it might seem to be somehow cryptic, but meditation in my case is just following and watching breathing with my eyes closed. Overtime, It has helped me to cope with work-related stress, anxiety, breakups and other personal issues. Don't know if it's fully related to Karma, but is helps me easy my mind and being more focused. I can feel the benefits of meditation.

    I personally take all the energy I can from heavy metal music to boost my own energy, while regarding lyrical content I tend to perceive it as descriptive statements more than normative ones. That's why I enjoy Slayer and Venom music as much as Stryper's or Petra's as examples.

    A very interesting topic for debate, would love to see more views on it.
    Reply · · - December 17 2018 18:47:10


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