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Tips and Tricks on GDM Here are some tips on how to extend your usability across the GDM site. Some things you may be aware of, others less so.

1) Member Comments - this is visible on the top menu. There are three sections where comments are added: Articles, Pages (what we call custom pages) and Blogs. You can see these three sections at the top of the Comments page. Click on these to have a look around. Obviously, it would great if one single page could aggregate all comments, but this isn't possible because each section is designed differently, hence the need for separation.

2) Dual Menus: Left and Right - on both the desktop and mobile/tablet views, you can see a white 'hamburger' menu button to the left, and a grey one to the right (only visible on smartphone or tablet). The left shows your user profile and a who's online panel. The right/grey button displays the top menu which you see on the desktop. Obviously, we can't display that top menu in the smaller form-factor, hence the grey hamburger menu kicks in, which is a web design default that you see on practically all websites.

3) Clicking Home - to return to the home page (wherever you are on the website), click either the Home button on the top menu or (the easiest method), click the GDM banner at the very top.

4) Public Comments - as of December 2018, we've re-established the Disqus Comments platform, which I've written a separate blog about.

5) Social Media buttons on Articles - I mentioned this in Newsletter #10, readers can view a review article, and send the articles link back to Social Media sites, if they have an account there (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+), it will be posted to their timeline. This is good for us because it brings visitors directly to GDM. Hopefully, by the time the 2018 year is out ALL article reviews will have these buttons added.

7) Star Review Ratings - we got rid of our old rating system for something more economical and practical. This is available to both members and public. Click on these underneath a review article. Blue/Purple stars, rating from 1 to 10.

8) Finding Articles (albums or artists) - there are a multitude of ways to find stuff on GDM. Here goes:

a: Articles link by Year from Top Menu - this includes links where articles are grouped by Year
b: Articles Alpha Listing from Top Menu - this includes links where articles are listed in alphabetical order.
c: Google Internal Custom Search - this field box, visible at the top of the website page displays on ALL GDM pages, so you can enter in a search term and find content this way.
d: Tag Cloud - this displays random article links at the bottom of every page.
e: Tags - this also displays at the bottom of every page. You can enter a term in the field box. Use real names such as 'The Beatles', 'Pat Benatar' (rather than Benatar, Pat) or 'Alan Parsons Project' as these are how they have been tagged/labelled in the system.

If I think of any more, I'll add to the list.

[Edited/Updated 20-Dec-2018:17:00 AEST]

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    Thanks George. I need all the help I can get!!
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