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gdazegodgdazegod Posted 6 months ago
The thing about YouTube Let's admit it. The YouTube eco-system is an unruly place. The website is home to all sorts of weird and wacky individuals. It is a trolls paradise. Twitter is not that far behind. I won't even talk about Facebook. My focus today is YouTube.

Why YouTube? Out of all the 'evil' social media haunts that exist, this is one I haven't quite given up on, as there are some good and well-intentioned channels on there that I frequent. Besides, we use YouTube videos as a reference for this site which comes in handy when embellishing our review articles with video content.

Without question, there are some shady individuals on there that obviously have nothing better to do than create what I call 'troll chaos' day in day out. This trolling spirals out of control making many threads unreadable and untenable. Many people can't help themselves and chirp in with their replies only to accelerate the flame of discontent. It really is laughable.

The worst are people who are religious zealots who quote the bible. What about the gun-toting trolls who have the NRA for friends? Narcissism and selfies runs rife. I mean at the end of the day who gives a shit?

The worst thing is: YouTube doesn't even bother monitoring for moderation. I have come to the conclusion that TPTB at YouTube deliberately want this to happen, so readers thoughts and responses are scrambled, causing them to lose focus and to become totally preoccupied from the real issues in their lives. You know, like organising the family, finances etc.

By being distracted, other major events going on around the world are put on the backburner. Like Brexit, rigged election voting, natural disasters and so on. They want you to focus on irrelevant things like the Kardashians and Hollywood.

This very strategy is how the U.S Federal Reserve came into being during Christmas 1913, when no one was around to vote it down in the US Senate because by then all the Politicians were on Christmas holidays. Hence a 100 years of US Dollar hegemony and chaos began.

There is this German phrase: Schadenfreude, which (in a loose interpretation) means 'taking pleasure from watching someone fail, or someone's misfortune'. This can be applied to millions of threads and posts across Social Media. We've all done it right? Laughed at something which we know to be unfortunate, like some of those 'biggest fail' videos on YouTube. Our curiosity sees us watching some of these really awful videos, some of which are diabolically bad. Honestly, some of these people should be contenders for the infamous Darwin Awards. Stupidity knows no bounds.

So, in 2019, I've decided to do something about it personally. I try at the best of times to avoid conflict on YouTube, but sometimes you get baited. It is a real challenge to respond nicely. So instead, I will respond with emojis and take the written response element out of it altogether. I use emojis from, where you can copy/paste emoji code directly into a YouTube reply. That will confuse some of the dumb clucks over there.

As a follow on from my blog post about karma - bad thoughts manifested into bad words can be a damaging thing. So by putting on a happy face, hopefully, we can throw the light switch on and bring these trolls out of the shade and alert them to their own bad behaviour through emoji imagery. We can only try. Should be entertaining!

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  • jeffrey343
    Trolls suck. I hope I've never said anything on any forum that comes across as troll-like. The main way I accomplish that is by rarely commenting. Often, I feel like I have to take a shower after venturing into the comments sections on certain articles. One thing I really like about this site is that we're a very civil group. And on Facebook (which I have not abandoned), I like that only my friends can comment on my posts. I do refrain from the polarizing political stuff, which helps, as I have plenty of friends on both ends of that spectrum. I have a good friend who has over 100 mutual friends with me who has posted some religious conservative stuff that has inspired some pretty nasty comments among his varied group of friends.
    Reply · · - January 02 2019 17:32:22


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