Smiley Cheat Sheet

Here are the current set of GDM smileys:

These are the original set that came with the PHP9 install.

Smile Smile [colon, right bracket]
Wink Wink [semi colon, right bracket]
Sad Sad [colon, left bracket]
Frown Frown [colon, vertical pipe] vertical pipe is: above ENTER key, shift + back-slash
Shock Shock [colon, small letter o]
Pfft Pfft [colon, capital letter P]
Cool Cool [capital letter B, right bracket]
Grin Grin [colon, capital letter D]
Angry Angry [colon, @ sign]
Like Like [left bracket, small letter y, right bracket]

The following will use an asterisk at the front and the end of each smiley term.
These are the ones that were used on the PHP7 version of GDM, plus a few new recent additions.

scrub scrub
Whatever weva
drummer drum1
drum2 drum2
accordion accord
angry1 angry1
angry2 angry2
annoy annoy
applause appl
argh argh
argue argue
bigsook bigsook
bugs bugs
bye bye
bow bow
clap1 clap
clap2 clap1
computer_work compwork
shock2 shock
yuss yuss
zipit zipit
yummy yum
yuk yuk
yes yes
mexicanwave mwave
cheers cheers
crap crap
guru guru
biggrin bgrin
blush blush
pompom pompom
comfort comfort
confused confused
dog dog
dogrun dogrun
worthy worthy
wink2 wink
whogivesafuck wgaf
whistler whistler
wait wait
violin violin
upyou upyou
tup tup
tongue tongue
tdown tdown
stress stress
singer singer
shop shop
spinner spinner
secret secret
swashbuckler swashbuckler
smile2 smile
selfie selfie
score010 score10
score009 score9
score008 score8
score007 score7
score006 score6
score005 score5
score004 score4
score003 score3
score002 score2
score001 score1
saycheese saycheese
sarcasm2 sarcasm2
sarcasm sarcasm
salute salute
sad3 sad3
sad1 sad
axeman axeman
revenge revenge
prost prost
onaroll onaroll
razz razz
music music
read read
pray pray
pissed pissed
no_way noway
lol lol
lastrites lastrites
no no
pfft2 pfft
o_O o_O
read2 read2
fine_print fineprint
finger finger
inlove inlove
poketongue poketongue
cool1 cool
rolleyes rolleyes
rofl rofl
rockon rockon
realsad realsad
new new
neutral neutral
magic magic
mad mad
kiss kiss
kybd kybd
iwish iwish
irishjig irishjig
idea idea
i_give_up igiveup
hmm hmm
hilarious hilarious
hiding hiding
helpless helpless
headbang headbang
drunk drunk
harpy harpy
happy happy
guns guns
headphones2 headphones2
headphone headphone
hairwhirl hairwhirl
frown2 frown
excited excited
grin2 grin2
fromthegrave ftg
flower flower
cool2 cool2
eek eek
frustration frustration
dull dull
embarrassed embarrassed
egyptian egyptian
goodjob goodjob
goodone goodone
guitar gtr
guitar2 gtr2
guitar4 gtr4
abduct abduct
ponder ponder
sparkles sparkles
nosepick nosepick