Voyager (Australia) - Colours In The Sun

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These modern prog metallers from Perth Western Australia have been on my radar for quite some time now, and they deliver yet again.

Voyager (Australia) - Colours In The Sun
ARTIST: Voyager (Aust)
ALBUM: Colours In The Sun
LABEL: Seasons Of Mist
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Daniel Estrin - vocals, keyboards * Simone Dow - guitars * Scott Kay - guitars * Alex Canion - bass * Ashley Doodkorte - drums

Additional Musicians: Einar Solberg (Leprous) - Co lead vocals (#5)

TRACK LISTING: 01 Colours * 02 Severomance * 03 Brightstar * 04 Saccharine Dream * 05 Entropy * 06 Reconnected * 07 Now Or Never * 08 Sign Of The Times * 09 Water Over The Bridge * 10 Runaway

RATING: Score=90%


These modern prog metallers from Perth Western Australia have been on my radar for quite some time now. Mainly because their music hits the right spot for me, plus of course they come from a part of the world I once lived, so I take a keen interest in them as a result.

It follows 2017's 'Ghost Mile' which we thought was a pretty good album, but if you read all of our articles on them going back a good ten years or so (click the tag below), then you'll notice we are part of their Global Appreciation Society.

The latest, 'Colours In The Sun' was released during November 2019 on small French based label Season Of Mist, who seem to be a distributor of prog metal releases it would seem. So Voyager in the short term appear to be in good hands.


The Songs

'Colours' leads off with an intricate synth pattern, but it's the commanding vocal of Daniel Estrin which takes it all away. The song itself is a fusion of two aspects: the first being Estrin's 80's influenced vocals, the second being the injection of modern hammerjack guitar riffs straight out of 2019. It works for me.

'Severomance' is second up, and though the lead-in work is restrained, it's not long before they let loose. It comes across as a collision of ideas, particularly on the fast and furious choruses. 'Brightstar' initially takes on the identity of a synthwave styled track. There's lots of ambient melody within, and an imploring lead vocal from Daniel. Nice track.

'Saccharine Dream' is more of a flowing track that spirals like a serpent around a stick of candy cane. At 5 and a half minutes it takes on a different persona during its run time. 'Entropy' features Leproussinger Einar Solberg, who really adds a OTT vocal to the mix, which you hear on the chorus. Its quite bombastic and adds a real power punch, though the song itself is a bit overwhelming.

'Reconnected' sees Voyager really putting the foot to the floor, the drum work from Ashley accelerated to a point we haven't heard thus far. An intense track for sure. 'Now Or Never' eases up tempo wise, the track full of synth patterns mostly, and it's relatively short at a minute 38 sec. 'Sign Of The Times' contains a beautiful synth motif to lead things off, capped by soaring vocals and some cutting riffs and thudding bass which follow soon after. Lovely tune.

'Water Over The Bridge' is slightly different in approach. The lead vocal infuses a Middle Eastern flavour, the song itself built on heavier guitar rhythms, perhaps the heaviest on the album. This one's got a bit of everything. 'Runaway' with its delicious synth intro lays the foundation for the rest of the band to deliver their parts on top of it. However it's the keyboard solo in the middle that eventually steals the show.

In Summary

Daniel Estrin believes this is one of the best albums Voyager have delivered, and to be honest, I'm not going to disagree with him. Though admittedly I'm a bit biased with this band, as I really like just about everything they've released. 'Colours In The Sun' is probably true to the album title, its overall sunny disposition making this one a great listen heading into the Southern Hemisphere summer.



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