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ARTIST: Barooga Bandit
ALBUM: Come Softly
LABEL: Capitol
SERIAL: ST-11924
YEAR: 1979

LINEUP: Daniel O'Connell - bass, vocals * Bruce Mechan - guitar, vocals * Franz DeRaad - drums, vocals * Matt DeRaad - keyboards, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Marianne * 02 Solo * 03 Come Softly * 04 Turn To Me * 05 Good Day Sunshine * 06 Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace) * 07 Lovin' Queen * 08 Holiday * 09 Music Man * 10 You Are The Fire


Detroit threw out a whole bunch of rockers during the 70's, despite it being the home to Tamla Motown and all things funk, soul and R&B. Lest we forget alumni such as Bob Seger, The Rockets, Ted Nugent, MC5 and Brownsville Station.

Then there were those on the second tier of things. Included among them was the band Barooga, who went on to become Barooga Bandit. This band had associations to Bob Seger, and utilised the resources of Thomas Cartmell (a.k.a Alto Reed), Punch Andrews and Drew Abbott when it came time to record 'Come Softly'.

The album cover is an interesting one for Seger fans, as it was going to be the cover for his 'Night Moves' LP, but they dropped it in the end, the Barooga boys picking up the lovely bit of derriere instead! Barooga Bandit's other legendary tale is not such a good one.

They were the headliner in Boston during 1980, when new Irish band U2 came to town and played the support gig. It was U2's very first gig in America! It is rumoured that the Bostonian audience all came to see Bono and his boys, and promptly departed the gig once they had finished, leaving a handful to see Barooga Bandit as the headliners. Gosh, that must have been embarrassing for both the band and remaining audience alike!

In Summary

Apart from that, the Bandit boys also supported the likes of Dire Straits, Van Halen and some of the members (the DeRaad brothers) moved on to another Detroit outfit: Flash Kahan. On a sadder note, Matt DeRaad has since passed away (July 2008) of pancreatic cancer, there are tributes to him on Doug Kahan's Myspace page.

The original LP is pretty easy to find on places like MusicStack and Ebay, and if you like funked up Detroit styled hard rock, then Barooga Bandit might just be worth looking at.

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    The band did release a second album, 1980's 'Running Alone' also released on Capitol.

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    Odd…. I live in the states and was actively in record stores in ‘79… and this is on a major label…. but I’ve NEVER seen or heard of this.
    Oh, I would definitely remember that album cover!
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