Megadeth - Super Collider

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ARTIST: Megadeth
ALBUM: Super Collider
LABEL: Tradecraft
SERIAL: 0602537409563
YEAR: 2013

LINEUP: Dave Mustaine - vocals, guitar * Chris Broderick - guitar * Dave Ellefson - bass * Shawn Drover - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Kingmaker * 02 Super Collider * 03 Burn! * 04 Built For War * 05 Off The Edge * 06 Dance In The Rain * 07 Beginning Of Sorrow * 08 The Blackest Crow * 09 Forget To Remember * 10 Don't Turn Your Back * 11 Cold Sweat * 12 A House Divided [bonus track] * 13 All I Want [bonus track] * 14 Symphony Of Destruction (Live) [bonus track]

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The ignominious downfall of Dave Mustaine is a topic that usually rears itself here with the predictable release of a new Megadeth album every two years.

In 1990 Mustaine was a state of the art speed metal merchant, snarling and tearing his way through some classic thrash outings; those days seem so remote now it's as if they never existed.

With a host of appalling metal albums under his belt since 1990 it seems unfathomable that Mustaine could do worse than 'Cryptic Writings', 'Risk', 'The World Needs A Hero'. Well, all of them since 1997 actually. But he has. 'Super Collider' is the worst album of Mustaine and Megadeth's career, 28 years and 14 albums in.

Those who have followed the band know that the thrash days ended after 'Rust In Peace' and some of the hard rock posturing that's followed since has been embarrassing.

But amazingly Mustaine has topped his own mediocrity, delivering an album so devoid of aggression, lyrical intelligence, melody and anything resembling metal that once and for all the time has come; it's over.

The Songs

I've always been foolish enough to believe that one day Mustaine would discover a remaining ounce of anger that would result in one last thrash album.

As soon as I heard a preview of the title track last month I knew those were thoughts of a lunatic. Here Dave is back to his anthemic hard rock pretensions, trying to relive the 90's apparently but failing grandly.

This lineup is the weakest ever as well, somehow remaining for two consecutive albums, both hideous coincidentally.

'Kingmaker' is lazy, Mustaine's forced growls mixing with uninspired galloping riffs that are about as close to thrash as it gets here.

Hitting rock bottom early on is 'Burn' which sadly is not a Deep Purple cover. This shambles sees Mustaine using incisive lyrics like 'burn baby burn, because it feels so good' and 'fire, burning desire'. To think this dude was once considered a lyrical genius in metal circles. Even AC/DC would be ashamed of this one.

'Built For War' features a never-ending middle section with orchestral and tedious power metal leanings, which combined with Mustaine trying to sound angry and failing doesn't exactly get the heart rate going.

More non-descript 'metal' follows, this time the sludge of 'Off The Edge' and the laughable 'Dancing In The Rain' which features Disturbed's David Draiman, as if that is supposed to give it credibility. The latter's lyrics are awful, with the line 'sentenced to work a dead-end nine to five, trapped in a dingy corporate cubicle hell'. Bloody hell, the staggering lack of enthusiasm Mustaine puts into delivering this banal tripe is a sad reflection of his current state of affairs.

The sheer boredom of 'Beginning Of Sorrow' is beyond my powers of description; it's not even metal, just poor rock music, with Broderick's staggering lack of feel as a guitarist. He's boring if you ask me, but maybe we can thank Mustaine for that. The drumming might as well be a drum machine, not that Drover has anything to work with.

There's a country element to 'The Blackest Crow's guitar work, fooling me into thinking it was a Poco cover. It's supposed to evoke some swampy Southern setting and make us think how varied Mustaine is with his approach to songwriting but it's another flop. Where's the melody?

'Forget To Remember' is metal for wimps, with Mustaine again trying to sound tortured on this modern metal fiasco. To me, it's pop music. As much as I bash Saxon they never sound this hopeless.

The trend continues on 'Don't Turn Your Back' which as you might have surmised by now is just as terrible. To add more misery they cover Thin Lizzy's 'Cold Sweat' and butcher it totally. Mustaine's vocals are an insult to Phil Lynott and the music is as bland, just a straight cover with none of the passion of a true legend like Lynott.

In Summary

When I reviewed Megadeth's last album in 2011 I said 'somewhere Mustaine truly lost his edge'. That could be viewed as an understatement now.

I don't know what he is trying to accomplish these days, something I've been asking for years (decades?). He insists on continuing to deliver melodic metal, something time has proven he has no flair for. He's never had the chops for it, with only his few thrash classics a true portrayal of the talent he's let dissipate over the years.

I'm sure there are still many fans of the early years out there that'll listen to this out of habit and then delete it instantly, the last shred of hope gone once and for all; there is not ONE instance of thrash on this album.

Not only is this the worst Megadeth album ever, it's one of the worst albums to be classified heavy metal in years.

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