Fifth On The Floor - 2013 Ashes & Angels


ARTIST: Fifth On The Floor
ALBUM: Ashes & Angels
LABEL: Black Country Rock/eOne Music
YEAR: 2013


LINEUP: Justin Wells - vocals, guitars * Ryan 'Matty' Rodgers - guitars, mandolin, harmonica, vocals * Aaron Earl Graham - drums, vocals * Jason Parsons - bass, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Whiskey * 02 Shotgun * 03 January In Louisiana * 04 The Last Opry * 05 Burnin' Nashville Down * 06 Angels In The Snow * 07 Wild Child * 08 Wine * 09 Hangman's Reel * 10 What For * 11 Same Old Thing * 12 One Big Holiday



This is the third release from these Kentucky boys and they just seem to get better and better. Produced by Shooter Jennings, we get southern rock, bluegrass, and honky tonk. Plus of course, outlaw influences are abundant throughout this CD.

The Songs

Straight out the speakers comes 'Whiskey' with Justin’s raspy, gritty vocals and some nifty fiddle playing courtesy of Doug Rogers.

'Shotgun' follows, then 'January In Louisiana' not only is Justin a great singer he is a fine storyteller as well.

'Burnin Nashville Down' opens up with some distorted guitar playing from Matty Rogers. Throughout this CD Matty's guitar playing is faultless, and you can tell he has spent time horning his craft.

Jason Parsons takes up the lead vocals on 'Angels In The Snow' a completely different style to Justin’s gritty style but complements the song perfectly. Jason also sings lead on 'Same Old Thing' with the same results.

'Wine' has guest vocalist Rachel Brooke, which puts a completely different slant on the CD, with very pleasing results.

Closing is a cover off 'One Big Holiday' by My Morning Jacket, with some stunning guitar work a la 'Distant Memory Lane' from 'Dark And Bloody Ground'.

In Summary

This CD took me a couple of plays to really get into, but now I am hooked. Justin really projects the songs across the listener and the rest of the band back him up in a tight fashion, with fiddles, banjos, plus pedal and slide guitars.

You can hear bits of the Charlie Daniels Band and also The Outlaws. Shooter has stamped his influence over this CD with some great production. Lets hope for bigger things for Fifth On The Floor.

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