Hogjaw - 2013 If It Ain't Broke..


ARTIST: Hogjaw
ALBUM: If It Ain't Broke..
LABEL: Swamp Jaw BEA Music
YEAR: 2013


LINEUP: Jonboat Jones - vocals, guitar * Craig Self - lead guitar * Elvis DD - bass * Kwal - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 One More Little One * 02 Built My Prize * 03 Am I Wrong? * 04 Shiny Brass * 05 Cold Dead Fingers * 06 The Wolf Part I * 07 The Wolf Part II * 08 Devil's Eyes * 09 '83 * 10 Beer Guzzlin' Merican



This is Arizona based Southern Rockers Hogjaw's fourth release. Released a few months back, I have been meaning to sit down and review this but time has not been on my side plus a blown tweeter on my speaker has prevented me from playing anything for the past 10 days, but I am now back up and running full throttle.

The Songs

Opening with 'One More Little Thing' has an almost swing vibe to it, then Jonboat Jones distinctive vocal style comes thundering in. Certain aspects of this song have a New York Dolls 'Dance Like A Monkey' feel to it.

'Built My Prize' is next, a much more harder edge song than the CD opener.

'Am I Wrong' follows with drummer Kwal (a.k.a J.D Kowalski) on the lead vocals. Now this is where things get interesting. Kwal's vocal style seems to fit more within the bands style. A fabulous song that changes tempo midway through, with Kwal thunderous drumming and vocals intertwined. There is some great lead guitar work from Craig Self.

'Cold Dead Fingers' takes it up a notch, but again Jonboat's vocal style does not seem compatible to the song. Don't get me wrong Jonboat can sing and is very capable, but he does not fit the overall sound of the band.

Next up we have 'The Wolf Part I' and 'Part II'. Part I tells the story and leads us into part II, which is basically an instrumental with lots of fuzzy guitar work.

Following on is 'Devils Eyes' and '83' and closing the CD is 'Beer Guzzlin Merican' which is a good party song and sure to get the crowds fists pumping. Although I find the lyrics slightly banal.

In Summary

I was slightly disappointed with this release, having enjoyed Hogjaw's previous three CDs.

The production is solid with a very blues feel to it and the musicianship is faultless. I am unsure if it will win them new fans.

But something is missing for me and I suspect it is the majority of the vocals. But as the saying goes If it ain't broke, why fix it, but for fucks sake do something with it.

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