Monster Truck - 2013 Furiosity


ARTIST: Monster Truck
ALBUM: Furiosity
LABEL: Dine Alone
YEAR: 2013


LINEUP: Jon Harvey - vocals, bass * Jeremy Widerman - guitars, vocals * Brandon Bliss - keyboards, vocals * Steve Kiely - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Old Train * 02 The Lion * 03 Power Of The People * 04 Sweet Mountain River * 05 Psychics * 06 Oh Lord * 07 For The Sun * 08 Boogie * 09 Undercover Love * 10 The Giant * 11 Call It A Spade * 12 My Love Is True



First off, I would like to give a big kudos to rkbluez for putting me onto this band. Thanks to him the credit card took another hit. But it was well worth it.

Monster Truck might not be the greatest name for a band but they have a monster sound that embellishes this CD, a mix of Southern/Blues and Classic Rock poured into a Kenwood mixer and turned up to full speed.

Monster Truck is a Canadian rock quartet hailing from Hamilton, Ontario. They recently won a 2013 Juno Award for 'Breakthrough Group of the Year', Monster Truck released 'Furiosity' as the group's first long play record, having released 2 EP's.

The Songs

The opening track 'Old Train' starts with a steam train barring down the tracks, followed on by a pounding Sabbath influenced riff courtesy of Jeremy Widerman. Bassist and vocalist Jon Harvey has a raspy, strong and powerful voice that is evident from the very start.

'The Lion' follows with the same intensity, but this time the band shows their melodic capabilities. 'The Lion' is a fantastic vocal performance combined with some great guitar work and a drum beat that just ooze sex from the grooves.

'Power To The People' and the first single taken from Furiosity - 'Sweet Mountain River' follow. This has Jon and Jeremy sharing the vocals and has some outstanding guitar solos. A fabulous song that should climb up the Canadian charts if there is any justice.

'Psychics' shows the intensity of the band and really pits the organ and bass at the forefront. I can feel the bass rumbling out of my subwoofer on this one.

The band, Blood Of The Sun comes to mind with 'Psychics'. This track has to be the one that tips the audience over the edge and deep into the abyss.

Next is 'For The Sun' a 7.21-minute masterpiece. It is a blues infused track that shows yet another completely different side of the Monster Truck sound. Very much a Led Zeppelin influenced song.

Although 'For The Sun' does not have the same intensity as the rest of the CD, its atmosphere and vocals give it a soulful, heavy sound.

'Boogie' follows and the title just sums it up, a high energy number, 'Undercover Love' follows on where 'Boogie' left off.

'Call It A Spade' has a ZZ Top groove to it, a blues dirty, grinding tune. I love the tambourine and clapping at the close of this song.

Closing the CD is 'My Love Is True' with its hard Black Sabbath riff to start with then changes tempo to another bluesy tune in the same vein of 'For The Sun'. What a perfect song to end the CD with. The girls in the choir bring an almost Black Crowes feel to the song.

In Summary

This is a must for fans of classic rock, it also has shades of newer acts such as National Dust, but fans of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Foghat would be advised to shell out the dollars and help put Monster Truck and Canadian music back on the map.

This has been one of a handful of excellent CD's released this year, along with Fifth On The Floor and Six Shot Revival.

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