Six Shot Revival - 2013 Bible Belt Booze Hounds


ARTIST: Six Shot Revival
ALBUM: Bible Belt Booze Hounds
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2013


LINEUP: Marc Manly Phillips - vocals * Jon Brown - guitars * Steve Morrison - bass * Ben Thomas - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Stone Cold Fox * 02 Blues Ain't Blue * 03 Money In My Pocket * 04 Hard Up



'Bible Belt Booze Hounds' has to be my most eagerly anticipated release this year. After the stunning release of 'Greatest Hits Vol 1', I was looking forward to this with great gusto. My fear was would it live up to my expectations.

The Atlanta foursome has come up with a 4 track EP, full of whiskey soaked hard-hitting songs.

They have had a minor change in lineup, bringing in Ben Thomas on drums.

The Songs

The CD kicks of with 'Stone Cold Fox' which has some grunty guitar work from Jon Brown.

Next up is 'Blues Ain't Blue', this song just leapt out for my speakers and smacked me in the mouth. Marc Manly Phillips on vocals brings a more mature sound to the band. This guy just gets better and better as time goes on.

'Blues Ain't Blue' has a really good blues vibe to it, then ups the tempo with Jon Brown provide some more solid guitaring and backing him up on the rhythm section is Ben and Steve Morrison on bass.

'Money In My Pocket' follows on with a very country style intro then straight into the rocker that its intended to be. Finally 'Hard Up' brings this EP to a close.

In Summary

Was it worth the wait and did it live up to my expectations? In one word YES. Six Shot Revival has produced 4 tracks of Southern style hard rock; the production is faultless along with the musicianship. Jon Brown is an exceptional guitar player, covering many styles and Marc is an expressive singer who has matured and developed over his period with the band.

The only down side, and take note Marc, is that the CD is not freely available, either as a download or in hard copy form. But I suspect this might change over a period of time.

I can only hope that Six Shot Revival gets the chance to take the next step up and conquer the world.

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