Pearl Handle Band - 2013 Pearl Handle


ARTIST: Pearl Handle Band
ALBUM: Pearl Handle
LABEL: Crossroad Productions (Bootleg)
YEAR: 2013


LINEUP: George 'Big G' Millspaugh - guitar, lead vocals * Dan Hurc - guitar * Mickey Gentile - bass * Dean Aliotta - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Better And Better * 02 Going Down Again * 03 Young Stuff * 04 Stranded On A Dead End Street * 05 Late Night Lover * 06 Lucille * 07 Cant Live Without You Blues


The Pearl Handle Band hailed from Chicago, formed in 1973 and finally recorded 11 tracks at CBS Studio, Nashville in 1980.

Before the album was released their record company went bust and the album was shelved. Pearl Handle Band soldiered on but finally broke up in the early 80's.

Somehow, seven of those tracks made it onto a CD. Having just got off the phone with George Millspaugh, Pearl Handle Band's main songwriter, singer and lead guitarist, he informs me all CD copies are bootlegs.

The lesson here is don't buy CD's from a German website that specializes in Southern rock.


The Songs

'Better And Better' introduces us to the talents of the Pearl Handle Band, the beginning to this song reminds me of 'Gone Wild' by Ram Jam from their outstanding classic 'Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram'. George Millspaugh also shows us what a fabulous guitarist he is with some great lead work.

'Going Down Again' follows, again we get some great lead guitar work from George and Danny Hurc. With the rhythm section being held together nicely by Mickey Gentile on bass and Dean Aliotta on drums, whose Dad is a founding member of Chicago rock band Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah.

The vocals towards the end have a resemblance to Fred Turner, of Bachman Turner Overdrive.

'Young Stuff' is next with some nice slide guitar work.

'Stranded On A Dead End Street' is written by country singer Earl Thomas Conley.

'Late Night Lover' is a fast paced rocker with some nice harmonies and messrs Millspaugh and Hurc show off some fine twin lead guitaring.

'Lucille' follows, this has been covered by so many artists there is not a lot to say about it. I prefer the Blackhorse version, as theirs is a lot faster and heavier.

Closing is 'Cant Live Without You Blues'. A catchy little number that I am sure got them dancing at the local club back in the day. Again it has some great dual lead guitar work.

In Summary

This album really shows of some great guitar work from both guitarists. I can hear the influence of the Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker Band with some blues thrown in for good measure.

It's a shame the full album did not see the light of day, though it appears someone is making money and the band members are not seeing a cent. But that's the same old story in rock n roll.

George Millspaugh does have another band on the go in the Chicago area called Big G And The Real Deal.

They would be worth checking out as George has displayed on these seven tracks that he is a very versatile musician.

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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    This Crossroads Productions label is as dodgy as fuck. Effectively this is a bootleg of a bootleg. Go figure!
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    Crossroads Production and Southern Records, I presume are one and the same. Check out the reissues on Southern Rock Records website, based out of Germany.
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