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ARTIST: Pete Sandberg
ALBUM: Back In Business
LABEL: Bluestone Records
YEAR: 1997
CD REISSUE: 1997, Bareknuckle (Japan), AVCB-66015

LINEUP: Pete Sandberg - vocals * Fredrik Bergengren - guitars * Stanley Hawk - guitars * Patrik Alm - bass * Tommy Falk - keyboards, organ * Johan Stentorp - keyboards * Carl Colt - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 When The Night Comes * 02 Little Lover * 03 Stay A While * 04 Pretty Angel * 05 Big Bad Rap * 06 Babe * 07 River Of Tears * 08 A December Monday * 09 Cold Hearted Woman * 10 Scared * 11 Unchain Your Heart * 12 Closer To Heaven * 13 Need Your Lovin'


If we think about quality Swedish vocalists, a whole swag of them spring to mind. Surely Pete Sandberg is in that bracket. With stints in bands such as Alien, Snakecharmer, and more recently with Midnight Sun, you know there's more to the man than the reputation.

As is the way with some of these Swedish projects, anyone who's anyone usually turns up for a cup of tea, and brings along their guitars, drumsticks, and singing voices for an afternoon's entertainment.

The Songs

'Back In Business' as a solo album for Sandberg is primarily made up of two parts. Groove laden melodic rock a la House Of Shakira or the Electric Boys on the one hand, and ballads on the other.

Not really sure if the mix is right, or that the songs truly capture the audience's attention as they seem to flow, perhaps too well, with no real distinction in between. Too much of the same as they say.

However, where there's class, there are always good songs to be found, and so it proves the case here. If you keep the groove-laden approach to the forefront, then songs like 'A December Monday', or 'Big Bad Rap' spring to mind.

Despite the name, 'Cold Hearted Woman' is a warm and smooth slice of melodia, while the tracks 'Scared' and 'Unchain Your Heart' apply a more modern style to the album.

Pete does well on the ballads, whereby 'Pretty Angel', 'River Of Tears' and the exceptional closing track 'Need Your Lovin' stand out. To top it off, Pete does a cover of the FM track 'Closer To Heaven'.

In Summary

A solid album, not exactly grabbing you by the short and curlies, but of enough interest to those with a melodic bent, as well as a hankering for Swedish material.

Note also, there are two album covers, the Jap being different obviously to the Euro one. As well, the Jap release on Avex is a multimedia disc too, with other goodies on it, but I couldn't understand it as it appears to be targeted for the local Japanese market.

To summarise our fellow writer Lee Bradfield who says, 'great to listen to over a strong brew of coffee at night!'

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