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ALBUM: Dreaming Ezekiel
SERIAL: 199624
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: Gene Miller - lead vocals * Janet Morrison Minto, Pamela Moore Barlow - vocals *Brad Bailey, Basil Fung - guitars * Pat Regan - synthesizers, keyboards * Bruce Barlow - bass * Steven Klong, Brent Klopp - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Above And Beyond The Call Of Love * 02 Heartbreak Moon * 03 Nothing Next To You * 04 Tied To The Mast * 05 Half A Heart * 06 Even The Strong * 07 Tears Don't Put Out The Fire * 08 Hearts Break Like Promises * 09 Go Easy * 10 I'm A Fighter


From the songwriting team that bought you the first Alien album, comes the duo of Pamela Barlow and Janet Minto with their own project Fake I.D.

Not only do they participate musically, but they produce the whole affair too! This is another pure AOR album, and in retrospect, one of the better albums available on the MTM label.

Adding fuel to the fire is the lead singer Gene Miller who is a glorious mix of a young Van Stephenson crossed with Paul Engemann from Device.

The assembled lineup is pretty good too, featuring Big Mouth guitarist Basil Fung, and Harlow duo Steven Klong and Pat Regan. So, you know this is gonna smack of class, and they don't disappoint.

The Songs

The opening pair of songs 'Above And Beyond The Call Of Love' and the effortless 'Heartbreak Moon' prime us for an AOR ravaging.

You gotta hear the majestic 'Nothing Next To You', and listen to Miller doing the business. This boy can sing, and when intertwined with luscious keyboards and a stinging guitar solo we've got a great track!

'Half A Heart' leans toward the Stan Bush And Barrage side of the AOR road, while the Alien pairing of 'Tears Don't Put Out The Fire' and 'Go Easy' get a makeover, though I'm not sure which version I prefer.

'Even The Strong' is quite a rocky tune, where Miller does his best Ted Poley impersonation, while 'Hearts Break Like Promises' also follows a heavier vein.

In Summary

Fake I.D have all the right credentials to be represented on GDM. Unfortunately I've yet to see any further output from this predominant trio, and would love to do so, as they have so much to offer, with class songs, great production, and an ear for melodious rock.

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