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ARTIST: Newman
ALBUM: Newman
LABEL: Point Music
SERIAL: 10046
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: Steve Newman - vocals, guitars, keyboards * William Marshall - bass, vocals * Mark Mulholland - drums, keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 If Its Love * 02 A Million Men * 03 Say You Believe * 04 What Does It Take * 05 Faith * 06 Let Your Heart Rule * 07 When I Wake Up * 08 That Kind Of Girl * 09 I Know You * 10 Tears Are Not Enough



You could hardly tell that this mob are English, judging by the sound. A very clean and professional sounding unit, with a truckload of melody, crunch, and more importantly, class.

Steve Newman, a talented individual from South England, has played with many bands and nearly struck success with the outfit Sayonara, but as they say in the industry..

The timing was all wrong! However, what goes around comes around, and so the opportunity to get his material released came courtesy on German label Point Music.

The keyboards are luscious, the guitars are quite up front in the mix (to the point of being overly loud), but the combination is impressive.

The songs themselves are classy affairs, hooky and riffy at the same time, with big choruses, and laser like guitar solos. Just the way I like it.

Some of the influences which came to my mind include Fastway (Lea Hart era), Heartland, and Sam Blue's Ya Ya. All English bands too, though playing a style which is distinctly non-English.

The Songs

I could put this CD on random play and I'd be happy whereever the thing landed. I loved the racy melodia of 'That Kind Of Girl', the captivating 'Let Your Heart Rule' and the stunning choruses on 'Say You Believe'.

'What Does It Take' contains all the tension of love and broken hearts with suitable AOR dramatics to match.

'If It's Love' is paint by numbers AOR, but played convincingly nonetheless. With music played in this style, there's bound to be a ballad in there somewhere.

Newman don't disappoint, with 'Tears Are Not Enough' being the obligatory 6.43 special.

In Summary

We think Newman have the makings of something special in the world of melodic rock/AOR.

Let's put it this way, if Chris Ousey from Heartland doesn't get his act together then Steve Newman could very well end up being the next UK AOR hero of our times.

The band have also followed this up with the 'One Step Closer' album during 1999 on the Escape Music label. Very much a band to watch.

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