In Transit - 1980 In Transit

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ARTIST: In Transit
ALBUM: In Transit
YEAR: 1980


LINEUP: Bill Cuomo - keyboards, vocals * Don Dunn - vocals * Clark Garman - guitars, vocals * Bob Siller - guitars * Bobby Lichtig - bass * Ralph Humphrey - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock 'n' Roll Queen * 02 It's My Way * 03 Still Got A Lot * 04 Belle Isle * 05 In Transit (Instr) * 06 Turn On Your Light * 07 Can't Get Enough of Your Love * 08 Too High For Heaven * 09 Five Block Thunder


Boy do these guys look like products of the 70's or what? The hair, the vests, the flared trousers.

Primarily the focal point of this band is the well known session musician Bill Cuomo who has since appeared on many AOR and West Coast albums.

In Transit's style isn't that bad, in a similar territory to Airborne, Fandango and Fortress on their rockier moments, and meeting Firefall and Atlanta Rhythm Section on a stretch of road somewhere between Denver and Atlanta on their more subdued moments.

The Songs

'It's My Way' definitely moves into the A.R.S camp twinged with a bit of Molly Hatchet. Tell me that guitar line wasn't borrowed from 'Flirtin' With Disaster'?

'Belle Isle' has a softer touch to it, harking back memories of Rick Robert's fabulous 70's band Firefall, especially the synth wash in the background. Probably the best track on the album.

The Firefall and A.R.S comparisons continues with 'Turn On Your Light', more of an uptempo AOR workout.

'Can't Get Over Your Love' drops into West Coast mode similar to Novo Combo while the piano based ballad 'Too High For Heaven' can be compared to some CCM type material we hear on Christian radio nowadays.

In Summary

Overall an OK album, and a rarity for collectors only. I shouldn't expect a CD release with this one though.

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    geoviangeovian Earth Orbit
    Probably a little bit unfair in my original review of this several years ago. It actually holds up very nicely. Great cover too!
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    richardbrichardb Poole, Dorset
    Love this album and have been playing it a lot recently. A damn shame it's unlikely that we'll see a CD re-release.
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