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Tight Fit are an American melodic rock outfit from Omaha Nebraska, musically, this is good time party hard rock, with loads of keyboards and multi-part vocals.

ARTIST: Tight Fit
ALBUM: The Fine Line
LABEL: Long Island Records
YEAR: 1996

LINEUP: Rich Beers - vocals * Bob Fox - guitars, vocals * Troy Johnson - bass, vocals * Mark Garrison - keyboards, guitars, vocals * Kevin Inderleid - drums, vocals

Additional Musicians: Lito Ladesma - bass * Turk Krause - gang vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Do You Wanna Touch Me * 02 Where You Wanna Be * 03 When You Look Into My Eyes * 04 Tell It To My Soul * 05 Keep On Changing * 06 New Kind Of Love * 07 Run For My Life * 08 The Fine Line * 09 Heat Of The Night * 10 On My Own * 11 Too Young To Die * 12 Those Were The Days


Tight Fit, an American melodic rock outfit from Omaha Nebraska, first came to our attention back in 1996. Signed to Khalil Turk's previous label Long Island Records, the band released their (so far) one and only album at the tail end of LIR's tenure, so probably didn't get the promotion that they deserved.

Khalil formed Escape Music in 1997 and as good as Tight Fit were, they disappeared beneath the cracks. 'The Fine Line' was produced at Catamount Studios in Iowa, better known as the studio home of local Iowa residents Litterer. Musically, this is good time party hard rock, with loads of keyboards and multi-part vocals (all the band provide backing vocals).

The Songs

There's thirteen tracks all told. We won't go through them all, but pick out a few highlights to dissect. One of the obvious sings here is that the band toggle between party mode and a more typical (dare I say it - classic) style of 80's AOR.

They alternate between the two modes throughout, which makes for a good listen. This style change-up is evident as early as the first two tracks 'Do You Wanna Touch Me' and 'Where You Wanna Be'. The first of the ballads hits as early as track three - 'When I Look Into Your Eyes'. It's followed up with an equally heartfelt tune called 'Run For My Life', though it drops its skirt not long after and shifts into a higher gear.

'New Kind Of Love' is a hint at their AOR style, featuring keyboards and nice vocal choruses, as is 'On My Own', a tune that is full of intensity and a bit of drama. 'Too Young To Die' is something different, reminding us of 90's hopefuls Shotgun Symphony, while 'Those Were The Days' is great uptempo fun party hard rock, a tune Ted Poley would be happy singing (I think).

In Summary

According to the band's profile on the website CDBaby, Tight Fit are regrouping for another assault on our senses in 2008. Also, the band have reissued the long out-of-print Long Island Records CD with a new one on their own label novoX Music. Time to get familiar with these guys again, and hopefully Rich and the boys might be persuaded to put on the black leathers once again and get revved up for another assault on our aural senses.

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