Kip Winger - This Conversation Seems Like A Dream

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Not exactly your fluffy hair metal from days gone by, that's for sure, gone are the big hairstyles, the typical 80's heavy rocker attire as we saw with his band Winger.

Kip Winger - This Conversation Seems Like A Dream
ARTIST: Kip Winger
ALBUM: This Conversation Seems Like A Dream
SERIAL: 71015-2
YEAR: 1996
CD REISSUE: 2000, Frontiers, FRCD 076

LINEUP: Kip Winger - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards * Andy Timmons, Rich Kern, Marc Shulman - guitars * Rod Morgenstein - drums * Alan Pasqua, Noble Kime - piano * Robbie Rothchild, Mark Clark - percussion * Adam Gonzalez - cello * David Felberg - violin, viola

TRACK LISTING: 01 Kiss Of Life * 02 Monster * 03 Endless Circles * 04 Angel Of The Underground * 05 Steam * 06 I'll Be Down * 07 Naked Son * 08 Daniel * 09 How Far Will We Go * 10 Don't Let Go * 11 Here



Not exactly your fluffy hair metal from days gone by, that's for sure. Gone are the big hairstyles, the typical 80's heavy rocker attire as we saw with the band Winger - in stark contrast to the cut-back trimmings of Kip's solo material. Thoughtful melodic rock, deep, atmospheric, stylish, and (for want of a better word) cool.

There are not too many examples or comparisons I can leave you with - but an investigation into this album would be like reading a 500-600 page 'hard to put down' book. You have to dig deep and listen carefully to the well crafted slices of rock evident on this album.

With some help from melodic rock luminaries Danger Danger's Andy Timmons, fellow Winger bandmate Rod Morgenstein, and Giant's Alan Pasqua, this longwinded named album (won't repeat it here, you can see it named above), certainly has class stamped on it. What you won't get here is music resembling those aforementioned bands. This is Kip's album - and his ideas and songs come to the fore.

The Songs

'Kiss Of Life' is Kip's prelude - funky, cool, and streamlined, and urban. 'Monster' is another to follow the path of 'Kiss..' though the chorus has a dramatic build to the point of climatic. 'now my monster is on to you..' 'Endless Circles' is seriously good, opening up with a delicate piano line from Pasqua, following on with some emotion soaked singing and playing, sort of like a cross between Toto and Steve Perry (circa 'For The Love Of Strange Medicine').

'Angel Of The Underground' starts off with an 'after dark intro, followed by some energetic acoustic guitar. 'Naked Son' is as poignant as the title suggests, echoing a call to the spirit: 'kundalini rise up from the dead..' 'How Far Will We Go' is a majestic piece.. play this one loud, and it really gets into your ear. The album ends with a backwash of ambient keyboard effects on the track 'Here'.. before sliding off into the sunset..

In Summary

Kip's career has surged forward, particularly after the cheap-shot jibes thrown at his band via that callous and cruel Beavis And Butthead nonsense - with further albums being released after this one. Despite the legacy of a pretty boy rock band image with Winger, and the reputation for being nothing more than a Bon Jovi clone, Kip proves beyond all doubt that there's more to the serious pouting, and that indeed, talent runs deep. And 'deep' is a word that's quite appropriate with this album.

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