Little Caesar - 2012 American Dream


ARTIST: Little Caesar
ALBUM: American Dream
LABEL: Unison Music Group
YEAR: 2012


LINEUP: Ron Young - vocals * Loren Molinare - guitar * Joey Brasler - guitar * Fidel Paniagua - bass * Tom Morris - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Holy Roller * 02 American Dream * 03 Hard Rock Hell * 04 Prisoner Of Love * 05 In MY Mirror * 06 Only A Memory Away * 07 The Girl's Rockin' * 08 Is Your Crazy Gettin' Lazy * 09 Own Worst Enemy * 10 Drama Queen * 11 Dirty Water

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Most of the readers on this site should be aware of Little Caesar and their music which they have been producing since the debut full length CD, released in 1990.

Gone is the biker image that was favored by 80s/90s hard rock bands, what we have is a more mature looking Little Caesar, in shirts, waistcoats, this maturity shows in this release.

Recorded and mixed over a period of 22 days, last year. The band self financed it with the help of producer Bruce Witkin and Unison Music Group.

The Songs

The CD's opener, 'Holy Roller' is a fast paced rocker; the intro has the same riff as The Beatles 'Revolution'.

Following on from this is 'American Dream' with Tom Morris providing a rock steady beat for the intro, again lyrics detailing the general decline of society, cooperate greed etc.

Next up we have 'Prisoner Of Love' a semi ballad of sorts. We have next 'Hard Rock Hell' with its punchy chorus.

'In My Mirror', The Girls Rockin', 'Is your Crazy Gettin Lazy' all stable Little Caesar songs, that I can imagine getting the crowd rocking.

Closing this CD is the wonderful 'Dirty Water' this would not be out of place on Whiskey Myers 'Firewater', a great blues/southern rock fusion ending with the vinyl scratch sound effect.

In Summary

What we have here are 11 tracks of some great hard/blues-rock.

The advantage that Little Caesar has over other bands is in vocalist and all round nice guy, Ron Young.

Can this guy sing or what, none of your Vince Neil screeching vocals here. When I saw them back in the early 90s in London, my wife said that Ron could remove a ladies knickers from 100 yards with his voice. I can't really top that statement.

Overall a highly enjoyable CD. Now all I need is for Little Caesar to play in my front room, and send my wife on holiday. On a footnote: Ron also sings in his side project, Blue-Eyed Devils, a soul/blues band.

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