UFO - 2012 Seven Deadly


ALBUM: Seven Deadly
YEAR: 2012


LINEUP: Phil Mogg - vocals * Vinnie Moore - guitar * Paul Raymond - guitar, keyboards * Lars Lehmann - bass * Andy Parker - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Fight Night * 02 Wonderland * 03 Mojo Town * 04 Angel Station * 05 Year Of The Gun * 06 The Last Stone Rider * 07 Steal Yourself * 08 Burn Your House Down * 09 The Fear * 10 Waving Good Bye

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UFO have been churning out albums somewhat consistently since Vinnie Moore joined the band back in 2004, but to my ears the band has become more boring with each release, having lost their once classic hard rock approach to some kind of mid-paced blues fare with the odd metallic flurry.

Critics seem to think otherwise, constantly raving how great the Moore lineup is, something I'm not quite in agreement with obviously.

With Pete Way no longer involved with the band due to ongoing health issues the band is further diluted and 'Seven Deadly' doesn't do much to recover the band's 'mojo'.

I've had this in my possession for four months and only now am giving it a spin or two, relegating UFO to Saxon or Iron Maiden levels.

The Songs

This is simply a dull listening experience. There's little else to be said. UFO constantly toy with this horrendous mid-paced rhythm with inoffensive and bland sounding guitar work, odd for a player of Moore's stature.

The addition of female backing vocalists is a bad idea too, heard in the opening track 'Fight Night' where Mogg sounds his age, tired and worn out.

The only real excitement is heard on 'Wonderland' where the band delves into some metal riffing with a decent amount of speed. This is an approach the band needs more of, but still the blues twang is evident in the guitar licks, along with the female vocals.

The excruciating plod of 'Mojo Town' sums the album up, low on melody, with a tired chorus.

'Angel Station' is six minutes of the same, shocking in its repetitiveness and lack of inspiration. I'm not making this up either, this is bloody dire.

The rest of the album follows suit in such a manner that I find it pointless to describe further tracks.

If anyone is hoping to hear anything resembling the UFO of old then you might as well bugger off and listen to 'Force It' or even 'High Stakes And Dangerous Men' because there's nothing here that I could see remotely appealing to fans of vintage UFO.

In Summary

Honestly I'm staggered at how genuinely weak this album is. I realize the band is getting up there in age and it would be ludicrous to expect another 'Lights Out', but this is surely taking things too far.

Can rock get any blander? Maybe, but this isn't far off. What surprises me even more are the numerous reviews praising this as a superlative slice of hard rock. Is there something I'm missing?

One of the bonus tracks tacked on is titled 'Bag 'O Blues'. More like bag of bollocks. Steer clear of this one.

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