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Danish band Savage Affair's music can be described as a jangly style of rock, with touches of R&B, blues, country rock and a dabble of AOR, it's very organic.

Savage Affair - Actual Reality
ARTIST: Savage Affair
ALBUM: Actual Reality
LABEL: Mercury
SERIAL: 532 847-2
YEAR: 1996

LINEUP: Alex Nyborg Madsen - lead vocals * Torben Aalykke - guitars, dobro, mandolin, backing vocals * Martin Schwerin - guitars, mandolin, backing vocals * Bo Brinck - grand piano, hammond, wurlitzer, synths, backing vocals * Carsten Neumann - bass, backing vocals * Lars Vilmar Jensen - drums, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Hats Off * 02 Little One * 03 Actual Reality * 04 In Your Own Words * 05 Was Love Meant To Be This Way * 06 The Hurting Poet * 07 More Than A Miracle * 08 Approachable * 09 Living Alone * 10 Dittoheads Unite * 11 Over Anyway


Savage Affair originate from Copenhagen Denmark, and recorded profilically during the 90's and into the 2000's. Their music can be described as a jangly style of rock, with touches of R&B, blues, country rock and a dabble of AOR. It's very organic, and features instruments such as mandolin as a point of difference. Comparisons can be made to Norway's Stoneflower, Switzerland's Jay Miles, and when they wind the clock back, classic outfits such as The Rolling Stones kick in too.

Keyboardist Bo Brinck had previously appeared with 80's Danish rockers Hero and Harlot, while singer Alex Nyborg Madsen also appeared with Harlot under his (then) stage name Alex Savage, and prior to that, early 80's headbangers Witch Cross. Many of you will recall Harlot's 1989 album 'Room With A View', while Witch Cross's 'Fit For Fight' is reviewed here already. You can guess that Savage Affair has some name connection with Alex Savage?

The Songs

'Actual Reality' is the band's third long player, following 1993's 'Velvet Revolution' and 1995's '45 RPM', the latter was an EP. There is a load of Americana influences on this album, with both guitarists bringing in mandolin and dobro to the mix. It's not that the band are fixated on this genre, they just played the songs as it came to them, unlike the previous decade where the members infused every hard rock and metal trend available to them.

On occasion, Savage Affair know how to rock out, listen to tracks such as 'Approachable' and 'Dittoheads Unite', but their charm lies in sweeping melodic country rock as heard on songs like 'Little One', 'The Hurting Poet', 'Living Alone' and the dreamy 'Over Anyway'.

In Summary

Savage Affair would release two more albums: '2000's 'Pink Pills For Pale People' and 2003's finale 'Dumb Again'. According to the band's MySpace page, there is talk of a reunion. As a fan of Danish music, this is a reasonable if not compulsory listen, but if you really want to take it one step further, track down albums by fellow Danes Toys Of Joy and Sko/Torp.

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