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Just the one album from these Swiss guys, but if you are a rock historian, you'll know this band are related to Shakra.

Ruckus - Ruckus
ARTIST: Ruckus
ALBUM: Ruckus
LABEL: Battery Records
SERIAL: 55 B-8787-002
YEAR: 1992

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Flag Switzerland
LINEUP: Pete Wiedmer - lead vocals, acoustic guitar * Thom Blunier - lead guitar, vocals * Gary Wiedmer - rhythm guitar * Roger Badertscher - bass * Beat Hirschi - drums, percussion, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Cry In The Dark * 02 Don't Give Up * 03 Now You Know What Love Can Do * 04 Flight Of Freedom * 05 Backstreet Kid * 06 All Your Love * 07 We Will Remember * 08 Stranger In The Night * 09 Next Generation



This is a Swiss hard rock band from Bern, that were formed in 1990 and existed in the same era as fellow countrymen Purple Heart, Paganini and Subway.

Just the one album from these guys, but if you are a rock historian, you'll know this band are related to Shakra, (due to Pete Wiedmer and Thom Blunier's association) who as a band have released many albums over the years (14 by my count) right up until 2020's 'Mad World'.

Ruckus Band pic 1992

The Songs

Just the nine tracks here, so what are Ruckus about musically? Well for starters they might come across as well-heeled hair metallers but no, that's not the case. Ruckus deliver 80's traditional HM, which is a throwback to other second-tier outfits who populated the scene during that decade. Far too many to name obviously, but if you've been with Glory Daze for a significant amount of time then you'll get the gist very quickly.

Some songs work better than others, but honestly this sounds like it was recorded in 1983 and not 1992. The production could've been better as it sounds raw and coarse, unless that was the original intention? As with this genre, Ruckus sound better when the tempo is up. Highlights include the upbeat 'Flight Of Freedom' and 'We Will Remember' plus the very good power ballad 'All Your Love'.

In Summary

Though Ruckus didn't set the world on fire, the band which several members moved onto: being fellow Swiss hard rockers Shakra, were much more successful. In their wisdom, Battery Records also repressed the same CD in 1994, so for those that own it, you'll either have one or the other. Probably not an utterly essential album for the collection, but for Glory Daze viewpoint it's worth having a look at.


All Your Love

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