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Released in early November 1985, 'Rock A Little' would achieve U.S platinum status in late January 1986, while musically, the album is far more electric and energetic than say 1981's 'Bella Donna'.

Stevie Nicks - Rock A Little
ARTIST: Stevie Nicks
ALBUM: Rock A Little
LABEL: Modern Records
SERIAL: 90479-1 (LP), 90479-2 (CD)
YEAR: 1985
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Stevie Nicks - Stevie Nicks - lead vocals * Benmont Tench - organ, piano * Waddy Wachtel, Mike Landau, Mike Campbell, Danny Kortchmar - guitars * Chad Sandford - guitars, bass, synthesizer, production * Bob Glaub, George Black, Kenny Edwards, Mike Porcaro - bass * Jamie Sherif, Billy Payne - synthesizer * Greg Phillanganes - synthesizer, keyboards, timpani * Rick Nowels - keyboards, production * Charles Judge - synthesizer, piano * Bill Cuomo - keyboards * David Temper - tambourine, percussion * Bobbye Hall - percussion * Barney Wilens - saxophone * Russ Kunkel, Andy Newmark, Steve Jordan, Denny Carmassi - drums * Lori Perry, Sharon Celani, Maria Vidal, Marilyn Martin, Waddy Wachtel, Carolyn Brooks - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Can't Wait *02 Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily) * 03 Sister Honey * 04 I Sing For The Things * 05 Imperial Hotel * 06 Some Become Strangers * 07 Talk To Me * 08 The Nightmare * 09 If I Were You * 10 No Spoken Word * 11 Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?

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This is Stevie Nicks' third solo album and it kinda blew past me back in 1985 and 1986. I didn't even know how successful it was until researching it over the last few days. Nicks was still on shore leave as Fleetwood Mac had been off the road since their 1982 'Mirage' tour, resulting in the release of 1983's 'The Wild Heart' and this one.

'Rock A Little' is not a cohesive affair as multiple producers were called in over the eleven tracks. Original producer Jimmy Iovine bailed out in 1984, with Keith Olsen and Rick Nowels pitching in to complete the job. Musically, the album is far more electric and energetic than say 'Bella Donna', and when you read the credits for the guitar and keyboard players listed, that makes a lot of sense considering the final output.

Stevie Nicks pic 1985

The Songs

The big hit on the album was the Chas Sandford written 'Talk To Me', though personally, I thought the opener 'I Can't Wait' was a much better-suited song even if the hi-tech arrangement was not really part of Nicks musical template.

There are three tracks where the breeze is removed from the sails. 'Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily)', 'I Sing For The Things' and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?' are very low-key and restrained. Other than that, the remainder of the album is fairly energetic. I enjoyed tracks like' Imperial Hotel', 'The Nightmare' and the very pleasant 'If I Were You'.

In Summary

Released in early November 1985, 'Rock A Little' would achieve U.S platinum status in late January 1986, and would see four singles issued, with 'Talk To Me' and I Can't Wait' being the two most successful (#4 and #16 respectively).

There's a lot of interesting reading on the album's Wikipedia page, especially around the material submitted and turned down by Stevie, her health issues and the rejigging of the production strategy. At the conclusion of the RAL tour, it was all hands on deck for Fleetwood Mac's sessions for ' Tango In The Night', their forthcoming 1987 album.


I Can't Wait

Talk To Me

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    ExplorerExplorer England
    I loved this run of Stevie albums in the 80`s, yes a slight drop in quality control definitely but still a worthwhile release.
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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    Call me ignorant but I always thought the song 'Talk To Me' was a Tina Turner song, and that's probably because it sounds similar to Tina's 'Simply The Best'. Yes, I was a bit of a musical snob back in the 80's.
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