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gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
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Some of you are readers of the above page, some even participate. Occasionally I will view what they're talking about but I won't participate because the level of dialogue there is quite frankly - bad.

The other day, that board discussed the passing of Tawny Kitaen, which we also did as well, but their dialogue went to a brand new level of depth, swimming in a cesspool. Read for yourself:

Some of these people have no idea about their messages on that board remaining on the Net for perpetuity. The Wayback Machine, the Internet's archiving system takes snapshots of web domains and sub-domains on a regular basis. I don't think it's daily, it could be weekly.

Andrew is a bit ho-hum about moderating the Phorum, even he has chimed in with some distasteful stuff, most recently on a Ted Nugent thread.

The guy in question (above) who goes by the handle RockNRollPreacher1, we understand to be an English bloke called Chris O'Connor, who also apparently, writes occasionally for Fireworks.


I can guarantee you, he will not get entry onto this site come hell or high water!


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    george_the_jackgeorge_the_jack No man's land
    Good for you and your site George.

    Ironically enough this guy mentioned "humanity"...
    In my view people who don't have a respect for human life are not entitled to an opinion about music or any form of human art. I don't believe they can appreciate anything anyway.
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    edited May 2021
    Never a site I visit much - maybe once a month if even that . I just find it a bit naff over there.
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    I often mention this to friends. Some objectionable characters who are quite rude to each other but often finish their comments with 'mate' as if that makes it alright. If I had to pick the most unsavoury it would be 'RNRPreacher' whose ego is irritating. (He also likes to describe others as unintelligent - whilst his comments have often have poor spelling and grammar, leading to a pot / kettle / black scenario.)
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    DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    edited May 2021
    I usually check the noticeboard to find out about new releases I might have missed as one of my sources of information to plan my reviews list.

    However, often times discussions there end up in bitter personal arguments that I don't want to read whatsoever, especially in these pandemic times for the world in which I feel particularly sensitive. When discussions turn into personal arguments, the point is lost in my opinion.

    That being said, heated, frequently pointless arguments, have nowadays taken over the place of useful information there. As examples, this year's releases by Accept, Todd Michael Hall, plus other westcoast, power pop and synthwave artists have not been timely mentioned (or not mentioned at all) as well as recent releases by Fighter V, Boys From Heaven, Platinum Overdose, Starmen, Morano, Station, Robert Hart, Palace, First Night, Gyasi and others that made my Best Of list in the last couple of years.

    The current reviews section of the main site there is rather poor while, as it has already been mentioned in the 'Melodic Rock Industry' thread here, overrated ratings have been given to many albums in the past as a rule. No constructive criticism whatsoever, which does no good for the reader who often times is also a consumer in need of guidelines for new purchases with their hard earned money.

    I still think there's room for new, appealing music in our genres, and that's what we need to investigate and bring up more often instead of personal, radical points of view.

    With regard discussions on glory days unearthed artists/albums, there's other places I consider more reliable sources than that forum, starting with this very site, plus some others I find very informative. Including a number of well-thought-out podcasts.

    Just my two cents.
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    I can honestly say I haven't been on for over 5 years at least, if not longer. It used to be one of my most frequented sites at one point, but I gave up on it years back.
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    daviddavid NZ
    edited May 2021
    Having read the comments above, thought I am add my 2 cents worth. Some of you are aware that I posted a response to the toxic comments on a recent Ted Nugent post. If people read between the lines of my post, it was directed at one particular person, whose monicker has been mentioned.
    I stopped reading the responses after a few hours, and only went back when I was told about the Tawney Kitaen post. That one single post justified my actions. Unfortunately, the owner of MR has enabled certain people to behave in whatever way they see fit without any consequences and now they see it as normal.
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