Record Store Day 2021 releases

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Here's the list of records released for RSD this year. Records drop in June and July.


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    DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Thanks for the link, Chris!

    Motley Crue re-releasing their first five albums on cassette as a 40th anniversary set, Def Leppard's Live In Oxford 1980 (previously available on The Early Years box set on CD) and AC/DC with a single/picture disc including Through The Mists Of Time backed with Witch's Spell are some of the most curious/interesting items for me. Sort of window shopping, as we don't have these RSD releases over here. In fact, the AC/DC single includes the only song I cared for off Power Up, lol!

    Other goodies I see there are ELP's Tarkus on picture disc and the fantastic Donny Hathaway Live, a soul classic.
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    There is a version of Joe Perry - Sweetzerland Manifesto (2.0) I wouldn't mind - but some places say it has been cancelled
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