Can you remember where you picked things up?

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I was just in another topic and I mentioned a couple of purchases I made.
One being a Be Bop Deluxe album at the Manchester Virgin store in a sale.
The other being a B.O.C. CD that I picked up at the Sunday morning car boot sale outside Ramsbottom train station about 18 or so years ago...probably about 10:30 ish (hahahaha)

It just got me thinking that I reckon I can remember where I bought upwards of 85% of my collection (probably nearer 90% plus if being honest) - I might not remember how long ago but remember where in most cases.
Even ones I have sold on - like Pandemonium - Heavy Metal Soldiers - I bought that on import from Manchester HMV which was practically opposite the Virgin store at the time on Market street - why do I remember an album I no longer own?? Cirith Ungol - Frost and Fire the same HMV - it was the original press with the praying skeletons on the label which I thought was so cool - but the music didn't do too much for me - shouldn't have sold that beggar!
Toronto - Get it On Credit (which I still have) - again from that same HMV but because I bought it I didn't have enough money to get the bus home so I walked the 7 or so miles back, went straight around my mates and played it.
Prism - Armageddon bought cheap from Piccadilly Records in Manchester when it WAS in Piccadilly, caught the wrong bus home which again ended up with me walking back home for the last 3 miles, red hot day cutting through the local woods - jeez - what is it about Canadian bands - they must love watching me suffer.

Online purchases - hmm do these count - all a bit generic ? No real memory apart from buying online rather than in store or physically picked up and bought with "hard cash" but I usually remember either getting it from the online store of a specific shop or label (say Rough Trade or the Cherry Red website) , or even if off discogs, eBay or Amazon.
But I do know if anything was bought online or in store.

I was wondering if anyone else remembers where they bought stuff quite as precisely or is it my own personal sickness!


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    I can be very precise on some things. Queen II...surprise, surprise from Jackies Record Bar in Stafford. She didn't sell singles as she was considered a serious record shop. £2.39 as it was a gatefold...those were the days!!. Back in the early 70s, Boots the chemist...yes they sold records and WH Smith were surprisingly good. Kiss Destroyer being a Boots purchase. As for imports etc back then it was a one stop shop (Terry Blood records),Rush, Starcastle, Legs Diamond, the list is endless, but then when I started working for Bullet/Lotus Records, well need I say anymore?
    After Bullet, it was usually a monthly trip down to Shades with like minded mates , and we would all come back loaded down, also Cheapo, Cheapo records in Soho was fantastic for those promo, not for resale albums that you could pick up for a few quid!!
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    DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    I do remember many of the places I bought albums from back in the day, and these times as well. I think it's a kind of 'emotional memory' that music aficionados have towards their album purchases, if you will.

    I believe I could write an essay on purchases I made at now defunct record shops over the cities of Rosario and Buenos Aires here in Argentina. For the sake of brevity, I'll just mention I remember every single CD I bought at Tower Records Buenos Aires between 1998 and 2003.

    One of my most memorable recent memories is visiting Music Matters at Brooklyn, NYC, in 2018. I went there twice in a week, and the second time Jason, the friendly owner of the store, had set aside several metal CDs (Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth, Aerosmith, Exodus and more) for me. I asked him how he knew I was gonna return there before my trip ended, and he said it was intuition. He even gave me Celtic Frost's Into The Pandemonium as a gift, and what a fantastic album it is.
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    bpdp3bpdp3 USA
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    Oh, this is a good thread. Crazy or not, vinyl has always been my format of choice. I think most of the albums I bought up until 1988 were new albums. So many of those I clearly remember the store, and sometimes even the clerk who rung me up. So exciting to but a new album as a teen and ride your bike home one-handed with the album in the other!

    In the early 90s (when most stores stopped carrying vinyl), I started buying used records. This is still how I buy most titles today. And it’s really allowed me to flesh out my collection….as well as discover so many bands I’d missed out on initially.

    Harder to remember some of those used stores….Although I LOVE discovering a new (to me) used vinyl store snd digging through their crates. Still exciting!
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    gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
    I am certain with 100% clarity of where I acquired ALL my physical music items going back to 1976.
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    Yeah, up until 95% of it was bought online - even the purchase of physical stuff on the net is soulless - I could tell you exactly where I acquired all of my collection. From Goldrush in Perth (probably more than 50% of my vinyl) to Record Fairs across Scotland. From visits to second hand stores in London to my one and only pilgrimage to Shades.

    A couple of early INXS albums were bought on a school trip to France and the latest Accept and obscure Polish bands from a recent family holiday in Krakow, or festivals across the UK.

    Gouchos (RIP just last year) in Dundee to car boot sales in Errol, anywhere I went (and anywhere I still go) that has records or CDs, no matter who is with me, they are forced to wait while I flick through the racks or piles of music. Somehow, all those moments stick in my head and I can recall where it was all amassed!
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    Shades, Flyover records, Cheapo Cheapo, Record and tape Exchange, a massive warehouse in Baton Rouge that had thousands of second hand vinyl, Hogwild Records in San Antonio.
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    My parents went to France back in1980 and bought me back the banned Scorpions Virgin Killer, and nobody raised an eyebrow at the time.
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    Yeah that banned Scorpions I used to see in a regular shops over here from time to time. Never even crossed my mind at the time that it was dodgy I just thought of it as the import cover rather than the UK one. I think sometimes people have to tell you it dodgy before you realize.
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    I still have that version on vinyl -picked up from a second hand record store called Communications - and the updated on CD (bought from Amazon).
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    PatrickHemmingPatrickHemming Tampa Florida
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    I can easily remember where & when I purchased two thirds of the music I’ve purchased over the years. I wish I had that same ability with everything else in my life. Lol

    I have folders set up in iTunes labeled “Tower Records” & “Virgin Mega Store”. I also have folders labeled “Michigan” & “Arizona” for the period of time I lived there.

    Listening to my music in that context really brings back the memories of those days gone by.
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