Legendary DJ Neil Kay

Just had an email from Neil Kay, saying that he has a soon to be released book co-written by one of Iron Maiden's unofficial biographers, Stjepan Duras. To be titled, Recollections Of A Rock DJ. It focuses on his life as a front of house dj working with bands, the Bandwagon early years, iron maiden, touring Japan with Preying mantis and compare for the debut Castle Donnington. Should be out end of this year or early next.
As a frequent visitor to the Bandwagon Soundhouse, it was a short tube ride from Southgate to Kingsbury, I have fond memories of the place. Seeing Maiden and Angelwitch play there, Motörhead and Riots personnel appearance. A place where I mastered the art of the air guitar, some took it further and made cardboard Flying V.


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    DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Sounds more than interesting, first hand recollections of the NWOBHM early days by the great Neal Kay himself.

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