New Guns 'N Roses Song 'Hard Skool'

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Don't know what you guys think, but this new song sounds WAY better than anything on 'Chinese Democracy':

It's a reworked outtake from mentioned album, but has all the classic elements of their signature sound. Leaves me to the questions: What was Axl thinking not to include it and what else is sitting in the vaults? For me 'Chinese Democracy' was a huge disappointment even without all the fuss that was made about it.

A new album in an edgier musical direction (like 'Hard Skool') would surely be welcomed by me!


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    edited September 2021

    There's actually a second new song out there:

    Imho 'Absurd' isn't as strong as HS, but still enjoyable – short and to the point. Sounds more like their UYI 1 & 2 early 90's style to me.

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    This is right on the money. Absurd took a couple spins for me to appreciate it. Hard Skool was immediate.

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