La Torre - Presas De Caza

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A concise, slightly under 34-minute long album that is La Torre's most AOR-oriented release, not only is this a good listen for fans of female-fronted bands within the genre, but for the AOR fan by and large.

La Torre - Presas De Caza

ARTIST: La Torre
ALBUM: Presas De Caza
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: None yet. Unreleased on CD.


LINEUP: Patricia Sosa - vocals * Gady Pampillón - guitar * Oscar Mediavilla - guitar * Fernando Lupano - bass * Beto Topini - drums * Luis Muscolo - keyboards

Additional Musicians: Tweety González - Oberheim synth programming

TRACK LISTING: 01 Nada Me Detiene * 02 Muriendo De Pie * 03 Siluetas De Sal * 04 Sálvame, Ábreme La Puerta * 05 Presas De Caza * 06 Estamos En Acción * 07 Dame Más, Dame Mucho Más * 08 Tratando De Cambiar El Mundo * 09 Contra El Paredón

RATING: Score=85%
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For their fourth studio album Presas De Caza (Spanish for 'Hunting Preys'), La Torre, led by the powerful singer Patricia Sosa along with her longtime partner, guitarist Oscar Mediavilla, were joined by Gady Pampillón on lead guitar and Beto Topini on drums who replaced former incumbents Carlos García López and Jota Morelli, respectively.

This time the band recorded in their hometown Buenos Aires and embraced (by ten) new technologies in the form of synths and electronic/programmed percussion that gave the album a Hi-Tech flavor in several instances, plus Pampillón (from Argentine glam metal pioneers Alakran) who brought in his Van Halen-esque licks to the songs.

The Songs

There's a more direct approach to the songwriting than on their previous album where the songs had been more riff-based.

This fact plus the use of technology and the impeccable production by Mediavilla (assisted by local producer Tweety González) resulted on the one hand in catchy, simple straight melodies that fit into the AOR, Melodic Hard Rock and Hi-Tech genres; and, on the other, this is clearly one of the best-produced Argentine rock albums ever.

Right off the bat 'Nada Me Detiene' piques your interest with sturdy vocals, flashy 80s-inspired guitar licks and a Van Halen-like pyrotechnic solo. Same goes for 'Muriendo De Pie', except for the absence of a guitar solo here.

'Siluetas De Sal' is a bluesy Hi-Tech ballad that features a bluesy guitar solo as well, whereas 'Sálvame, Ábreme La Puerta' is the AOR gem in the style of early Bon Jovi or, prospectively, Crazy Nights-era Kiss. The first side of the vinyl release ends with the title track, another Hi-Tech ballad with bombastic drums, and lyrics that address the sharks of the music industry.

Side B on the original vinyl release opens with 'Estamos En Acción', a perfect Pop Metal song with chugging guitars that became La Torre's most enduring legacy along with the title track from their previous album Sólo Quiero Rock And Roll.

After the melodic hard rock, heavy on synth parps, of 'Dame Más, Dame Mucho Más', comes the superb power ballad 'Tratando De Cambiar El Mundo' with a dazzling Sosa's performance that ranges from whispering to full-throated voice, packed with subtle touches of 80s-style keys. The album concludes with the power chords and parping keys fest that is the catchy rocker 'Contra El Paredón'.

In Summary

A concise, slightly under 34 minute long album that is La Torre's most AOR-oriented release. Not only is this a good listen for fans of female-fronted bands within the genre, but for the AOR fan by and large. La Torre was deemed too heavy for Pop audiences while at the same time too pop for Metal listeners, that was a constant struggle during the band's career. 'The middle path is the way to wisdom', the Buddha said.

Presas De Caza and the previous album Solo Quiero Rock And Roll are La Torre's best achievements in my book. Which one is better is only a matter of taste. A live album plus one last studio release followed in 1987 and 1988, respectively. Gady Pampillón sadly passed away in 2020 after a stint in Tarzen and a solo career as a blues rock artist.

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