Avenue - Escape From Silence (EP)

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Five tracks only on a private release, and every one of them sits smack dab in the middle of 1980's AOR.

Avenue - Escape From Silence (EP)
ARTIST: Avenue
ALBUM: Escape From Silence (EP)
LABEL: Self Released (Private)
YEAR: 1986

LINEUP: Chuck Jones - guitars, vocals * Freddie Kirksey - keyboards, vocals * Jerry Dean - bass, vocals * Mike Simpson - drums, percussion, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 You Won't Be True * 02 Hold Me Tonight * 03 Love At Last * 04 One More Time * 05 Angelia



I don't know anything about this quartet who originated from Memphis TN. No idea about the befores and afters, as these guys poked their nose out in 1986 and duly disappeared off the map before you could say boo. I suspect they may have been a local club band in Memphis, but they ended up recording this five tracker in the famous Ardent Studios with former Stax Records engineer Larry Nix looking after things.

The Songs

Five tracks only on a private release, and every one of them sits smack dab in the middle of 1980's AOR. For a shot in the dark comparison, these crusty old ears would suggest a hint of The Metros, maybe also a dash of Eddie And The Tide.

'You Won't Be True' leads off the EP and it's a stomping tune with the rhythm section playing merry havoc. 'Hold Me Tonight' continues that stomp heavy delivery method though the song is not as freewheeling as the previous track. 'Love At Last' sits closer to the pomp side of the fence, there are probably hundreds of bands that could be used as a comparison but can I list any? I've just had a brain fade.

'One More Time' is the obligatory ballad and it's a goodie. I'm not much for ballads but this one is more than decent. The piano and the very good lead vocal (whoever it is) are the key features on this one. The closer 'Angelia' (no, not the b>Richard Marx version) is the odd man out, a high energy pop-rocker which could be Bob Seger doing AOR!

In Summary

As mentioned, these guys disappeared into the sunset, and other than keyboardist Freddie Kirksey who played in several other bands according to Discogs, the remaining personnel probably embraced suburbia. A pity, as this little beauty had legs.

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You Won't Be True

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