Latest on the Iron Skullet website (Synthwave)

Back in 2019, we made mention of a website called Iron Skullet that specialised in all manner of synthwave things. Unfortunately we caught on to the tail end of that website because not long after the site owner put it into hiatus, and without much explanation to all those that followed that website.

Just yesterday, the site owner (Preston Cram), put out a long overdue newsletter explaining why he put a stop to Iron Skullet, and effectively put a stop to synthwave reviews. To be honest there's not many sites that specialise in reviewing synthwave. Sure, we dabble in it as many of you have seen, but we don't specialise 100% in it for obvious reasons.

The good news is, Preston has set up a new website which is not going to focus on synthwave so much, but he will be focusing on one of his passions which is something called NWOTHM, meaning 'new wave of traditional heavy metal'. Now for many of us here at GDM that will go down rather nicely, and I've had a look at his new website and there's a few bands there that we've already featured so that makes for a good fit.

Names such as: Ambush (Sweden), Bullet, Stallion (Germany), White Wizzard, Enforcer are all notable inclusions, plus he has mentioned a few others which are new to me that I'm going to investigate.

For old school metal followers go to: for more.

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