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After doing some research on Glass Tiger relating to their recent activity, I decided to look further afield to see what other Canadian artists and bands have been up to in recent times. Here's what I found.

Lee Aaron
Lee has been very active since her return to the hard rock fold back in 2016. Signed to Metalville Records, her latest album 'Elevate' is due out later this month. Watch out for it.

Coney Hatch
The popular Toronto rockers are still in commission with Andy Curran and Carl Dixon both active, while new guitarist Sean Kelly also holds a day job with Lee Aaron's band. The Hatch did release a 'Live at the El Mocambo' set in 2021, refer to Discogs and the RockpaperMerch site for more.

Rob Moratti
Another bloke that is very active, Rob's new album 'Epical' is out on Frontiers SRL in the next few weeks. Look for it.

Harem Scarem
Another reasonably active band, coupled with the Harry Hess band First Signal. There's no real news to speak of on their Facebook or Twitter channels, but there are signs that a new album is in development for a 2023 release through Frontiers SRL.

Aldo Nova
Montreal based Aldo Nova has been kept busy in 2022 with the release of the 23 track '2.0 Reloaded', which is an extension of the original '2.0' release from 2020. Aldo doesn't have a website and keeps his social media presence to just Facebook.

Corey Hart
Corey returned to the pop rock limelight after a few years away focused on family and songwriting. 2019 was a busy year with a new studio album 'Dreaming Time Again' plus a series of gigs across the Canadian heartland. Based in the Bahamas, expect to see Corey back in the spotlight now that covid is an after-thought.

April Wine
Myles Goodwyn and Brian Greenway continue to tour often with April Wine. The band have not released any studio material since 2006, but are regulars on the Classic Rock circuit. Website, Facebook and Twitter are all still active, though the latter has not been updated since 2017.

Frank Marino
As per his 2021 announcement, Frank has retired from live performances and possibly from studio work too due to medical issues. The Mahogany Rush website is active and that's where any news should be sourced from.

Currently out on tour in Europe during late 2022, the prog legends are still highly active and visible, and continue their long-standing relationship with SPV.

Old school Canadian rockers Helix are still out there doing their thing. At the time of writing (Nov 2022) they were on tour in Western Canada in tandem with the Killer Dwarfs. Last studio album was in 2019, while they are currently signed to Perris Records.

The boys from Vancouver are still active on the North American casino circuit though they haven't released a studio album since 2014. The band is effectively 4 parts Streetheart and 1 part Moxy.

We'll add more updates as we come across them.


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