Questions of the Week #1

gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes
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OK, this is a new forum series I'm introducing, mainly based on activity going on in and around the rock music scene. A lot of the questions I raise will be based on stuff I see on Twitter, as it seems to capture all the juncture points of news sites, record labels, artist, bands etc.

Q1: Starting off, why can't artists just keep out of the political merry-go-round with their personal posturing on such matters? Geez, leave it alone, don't go there. This week I picked on Richard Marx, previously we've seen people like Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Ted Nugent and Neil Young chirp away like canaries.

Q2: What did you all think of Dolly Parton and Rob Halford teaming up for a duet of 'Jolene' at the recent Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ceremony?

Q3: And talking of Dolly, apparently she has confirmed that Steve Perry will make an appearance on her next album. Thoughts?

Q4: Anyone heard the new Skid Row album with new singer Erik Gronvall onboard? Should we review it?

Q5: It looks like Tony Harnell is reuniting with TNT, according to Blabbermouth. Surely this is good news?

Replies below, go for it.


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    CandymanCandyman Australia

    Q1. Not into listening to artists going on about their political view. It's why I never listened to U2 or Midnight Oil. No thanks
    2. Rather the Metal God not be seen on that stage. IMO the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is a bit of a joke
    3. Hmmm. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
    4. On first listening thought it was good. Erik was doing a decent Seb style voval. However the songs haven't stuck with me and i've already moved on
    5. Awesome if Tony Harnell is back with TNT. Havent listened to anything they released after he left

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    gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes

    Thanks John.. Lol.

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    DaveTDaveT Buenos Aires, Argentina
    edited November 9

    Q1. I just care about the music, as far as the message is not radical. Artists have the freedom to express themselves, yet some are shooting themselves in the foot with their mouths.
    Q2. Agree with Candyman in a way, but Rob can do whatever he wants, he'll always be the Metal God in my book.
    Q3. Hard pass for me.
    Q4. Good album, great voice, but I think the fun factor is somehow lost.
    Q5. I really don't know. I wish they are focused and come up with quality songs as it was the case for My Religion, but too many breakups and reunions between Tony and the TNT guys so far.

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    CandymanCandyman Australia

    How good was My Religion.I agree, Rob will always be the Metal God

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    gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes

    Another name that could've been thrown into the TNT hat was Swedish singer Tony Niva. I've reviewed some of his stuff on GDM, one album even scoring the top prize of 10 out of 10.

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