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Our new forum series questions of the week continues on, mainly based on all the news and chatter going on around the rock music scene. A lot of the questions I raise will be based on stuff I see on Twitter, as it seems to capture all the juncture points of news sites, record labels, artist, bands etc.

Q1: OK, so the topic of farewell tours has reared its ugly head once more. Perennial culprits Kiss as well as Foreigner have announced such activity into 2023. Now I remember a few years back that Kiss undertook a farewell tour but they never jacked it in! Didn't Mick Jones do something similar with Foreigner as well, or was that an anniversary tour? Anyway, I smell a money grab. What do you think?

Q2: 80's band Autograph are about to release their latest album through Frontiers. Now their recent back catalogue has been pretty average to be honest. Actually, less than average. On this latest album the only original member remaining in the lineup was bass player Randy Rand. Unfortunately, he has recently passed away, so at the moment there are no original members left yet they're still going under the original band name. What gives? I reckon both Steve Lynch and Steve Plunkett should put a stop to this nonsense.

Q3: Guitarist Richie Sambora has posited a suggestion last week that rejoining Bon Jovi might not be a far-fetched idea. However, I believe that boat sailed years ago. These days, I wouldn't even go and see Bon Jovi live even if they're playing across the street in my neighbours backyard. Sounds like a grandiose fantasy to me, what do you guys think?

Q4: Referring to my recent Canadian Roundup page, I'm seeing many of these old timers still out there doing their thing. I'm wondering before it gets too long in the tooth whether I should interview some of these guys and gals. Anyone have any aversion to GDM re-introducing interviews again?

Q5: Who's buying new vinyl these days? I remember a time not so long ago when I could pick up many LP's for 10 bucks or less, and then of course going through the Bargain Bins and picking up things for items less than $5. At the moment I don't have a turntable or a stereo system anyway, and seeing what some of these online retailers are selling their vinyl for I doubt I'll be buying anything anytime soon. The Christian rock and metal website Girder Records are selling their vinyl for extraordinary prices and then coupled with postage and packaging well need I say anymore. It's very expensive. Who's still buying vinyl records anyway?

Over to you.


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    1) One would think if this was the last hurrah, he'd try to get Lou Gramm to participate, go for some higher-profile venues, maybe record a final show. This just seems like a marketing hook to pump up ticket sales.

    2) apparently there is a lawsuit in the works from Lynch and perhaps a rival version of Autograph, too:

    3) for me, it would depend on how vintage (i.e. rock-oriented) they wanted to go. If it's the same housewife music of the last several years, forget it.

    4) I always enjoy reading interviews with older rockers who are no longer afraid to tell the tales.

    5) I'm not a vinyl guy - too cumbersome/delicate a format for me - but I don't begrudge those who enjoy it. That said, the current marketers of the stuff are too greedy for their own good. It feels like the bubble might burst soon for this resurgent format if they keep it up.

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    Q1 - Aye lots of bands seem to do it - Quo did waaay back. I mean calling themselves Foreigner is comical to start with? It's like Yes it's no longer the band you grew up with or got to know, it's in name only. But yes money grabs for sure - I know a few musicians have resisted the temptation.

    Q2 - Have to agree about Autograph - I never understood their appeal even from the outset, Sign in was ok I suppose. Again it touches on the when should a band stop using the name - I'm looking at you Yes, Foreigner e.t.c.

    Q3 - Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora back together again? How exciting - well no not really, couldn't care less for their sappy poodle rock with the dumb gang choruses (yawn!) that then changed to girly MOR then changed to blue collar Bruce Springsteen style, then changed to JB wanting to be a cowboy. Goodness knows where his head is at today.

    Q4 - Yes interviews back at GD would be good, especially those for bands that never get as much exposure.

    Q5 - Yes I still buy vinyl, I picked up one the other day at a market stall in Bury by a band called Daddy Longlegs for £6, they had long hair - had no idea what they were like. As it is they were a kind of countrified rock/psychedelic band and the album gave me and the better half a really enjoyable start to the evening of wine and chat, I'll be keeping it. I don't go buying older albums that I consider overpriced unless I desperately want them and there are not many that fit into that bracket. So I kind of like finding something while digging around that's cheap and intriguing. Every so often I'll buy new vinyl especially if it's not out on CD or if it's a limited edition but I very rarely buy re-pressings of old previously released albums especially when the originals are easy enough to find e.g. say Hotel California for example (although I did buy Hell Freezes Over as I didn't have an original...just filling out my Eagles collection) .
    New stuff I have bought recently includes:
    Vanderwolf - 12 Little Killers (ex Naked Sun)
    Eagles - Live at the Forum '76 (which disgracefully omits any pictures of Don Felder)
    Porcupine Tree - Coma:Coda and also Closure/Continuation
    Savatage - Sirens on blue vinyl to replace my original Par one on blue vinyl itself that I sold for crazy money a few years ago - but I tell you right now that new blue one doesn't sound as good or look as good as the original - and a few others...oh Yeah - Yes - The Quest - on glow in the dark vinyl as part of a box set, I should have saved my money rather than buy that collection of awfulness.
    I think the current market is either for hipsters who then go home and either 1) Don't play it 2) Play it on a crummy set up and wonder why they don't get "that certain magic" but still enthuse about how warm it sounds so they fit in with the current trends. Or maybe those with a bit of disposable income now they're older who might be rebuying the albums from their youth. I wonder how much those with disposable income will keep buying an over priced product now that the world economies are tanking and things are getting pricey even just to live from day to day.
    I also see a fair few younger folk hanging around the vinyl sections of shops, who genuinely seem to know their stuff from earwigging some conversations or chatting with them. But they are at a disadvantage - limited funds.
    With regards postage an packaging especially from the U.S. to here - there is an album I desperately want which is the second Rockin' Foo album, the U.S. version with the cut out back sleeve that their faces peek through. You can pick up a copy on discogs at a super cheap price but then the postage kicks in and makes the copy a small fortune - add to that half the time customs count the postage cost as it gets declared on the export sticker sometimes, which incurs a further 2 charges - one of import tax and the other of processing that charge. You can try and claim the charge for the postage back - which shouldn't have been included in the calculation as it should be value of the goods only, but even if you do get it back then you don't get a refund on the handling charge which is something like £12 and shouldn't have been applied in the first place.

    Anyway that reply went on longer than I thought.

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    Yes it did Nick. Thank you in any case.

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    Good job I hadn't had a beer before commenting - it might have filled up all the space on the server.

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