Head East - A Different Kind Of Crazy

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We have reached that point in the career of the band Head East as this 1979 album represents their last studio offering for longtime record label A&M.

Head East - A Different Kind Of Crazy
ARTIST: Head East
ALBUM: A Different Kind Of Crazy
YEAR: 1979
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LINEUP: John Schitt - lead vocals * Mike Somerville - guitars, backing vocals * Roger Boyd - keyboards, backing vocals * Dan Birney - bass, backing vocals * Steve Huston - drums, percussion, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Specialty * 02 Keep A Secret * 03 Feelin' Is Right * 04 Lonelier Now * 05 Morning * 06 Got To Be Real * 07 If You Knew Me Better * 08 Too Late * 09 Hard Drivin' Days



We have reached that point in the career of the band Head East as this 1979 album represents their last studio offering for longtime record label A&M. As many music historians are aware, the band released two albums during 1979, at the beginning of the year (Jan 1979) it was their double live album/LP plus this studio album followed a few months later (Oct 1979). By this stage, it looked like HE were on the brink as a collective unit, and it wasn't long after that this version of the band threw the towel in.

The Songs

Reading reviews from around the Net would suggest this album didn't have a lot going for it, but that would generally be an untrue and unfair assessment. If anything, HE were dogged by less than average studio production across their 70's discography. None of the producers used could ever translate their live quality and potential onto a record, the exception being the aforementioned double live LP.

For me, the better moments include 'Keep A Secret' with good use of keys, zany backing vocals and a stinging guitar solo. 'Too Late' is a rockin' effort, while 'Hard Drivin' Days' is Head East's ultimate road song. None of the other songs didn't do a great deal for me, others may hear it differently.

In Summary

This album is probably not the pick of the bunch when it comes to their entire discography but it does have its moments. By the way, what is the meaning of the imagery behind the album jacket? It's one of the strangest I've seen from a relatively well known band at the time.

By 1980, Schitt, Somerville and Birney had left, the band reduced to minor label status in what should've been a productive era during the heyday of radio rock and AOR between 1980 and 1984. They continued on but without any major fanfare unfortunately. Read more HE reviews on GDM by clicking the tag below.


If You Knew Me Better

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    gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes

    Of the two 1979 albums, I prefer the double Live LP from earlier in the year.

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    edited November 20

    Actually the follow up album "U.S. 1" was also on the A&M label - this album ADKoC, was the last album with the classic line up. As mentioned Schlitt, Birney and Somerville left after this and the following album was a real let down and sounded unfinished to these ears - the production being very dry, it's the one HE album I still struggle to listen to all the way through and I suppose it will never grow on me. But A Different Kind of Crazy is a last hurrah for this line up - I like the album a lot (bit biased though). The track posted here "If You Knew Me Better" is actually one of my fave HE songs.

    Regards the imagery - it's anyone's guess - the pancakes in syrup/butter reach back to the Flat as a Pancake album but King Tuts Death Mask? That's a different kind of crazy right there.

    After this came "U.S. 1" as mentioned then "Onward and Upward" which was a big improvement and one I've come to quite like over the years, then their final studio album "Choice of Weapons" which is actually pretty good - but only Roger Boyd remained from the line up. They've had a 3 live albums out since - "Live 2008" (a band produced CDR) "One Night With..." & "Raise a Little Hell"

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    gdazegodgdazegod Antipodes

    Oops, I stand corrected. A&M hung around for the next album 'US1' as Nick quite rightly points out. I'll correct the review above shortly.

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