News Briefs Friday November 25th 2022

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News Briefs Friday November 25th 2022

Uriah Heep - Chaos And Color

Uriah Heep - Chaos And Color
Heep's next album 'Chaos And Color' is due for release 27th January 2023 by Frontiers SRL. First video is on YouTube, 'Save Me Tonight'

Joe Lynn Turner throws out the wig

In a revealing interview republished by Blabbermouth, JLT reveals why the wig had to go.

Journey - WTF is going on?

I was quite amazed to read all about the recent nonsense going on in the Journey camp particularly between the two protagonists Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, who it seems are no longer on good terms. Is this the end of Journey?

Kiss Of The Gypsy (KOTG30)

Blackpool/Fleetwood rockers Kiss Of The Gypsy may have been out of the limelight since their 1992 debut album, but they didn't completely go away either. The band are now back recording, and are into their third decade of existence. They've got a new lead singer in Chris Clancy who sang on the recent 3 track EP 'Thirty'. A new full album is expected in 2023.

Motley Crue - Crucial Crue

Motley Crue - Crucial Crue
Motley Crue and BMG have just announced the forthcoming release of a 5LP set of their platinum selling albums between 1981-1989. It's called 'Crucial Crue', and each vinyl will be in a different color.

  • Too Fast For Love (White/Black Splatter)
  • Shout At The Devil (Yellow/Black Splatter)
  • Theatre Of Pain (Hot Pink Magenta/Black Splatter)
  • Girls, Girls, Girls (Cyan Blue / Black Splatter)
  • Dr. Feelgood (Coke Bottle Green / Oxblood Splatter)

The boxset will also be available on CD which is being made available across 10000 units. Release date is February 17, 2023. Expect to pay upward of $150 plus P&P for this colorful collection.


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    Crucial Crue? That could be one album - the Leathur version of Too Fast for Love. It's all you will ever need. :D

    With Journey as well - Schon and Cain both seem real bread heads, which is fair enough to an extent, they gotta live. Yet when it results in vocalists being sidelined or not given the chance to recover from illness because they want to get the cash in NOW then it becomes apparent that their drive for the greenback overrides what might have been best for the band and their legacy. A bit like Yes did with both Anderson and Benoit David - and look how that legacy was shaping up with regards recent albums both live and studio.

    Sword is a bit of good news, I'm not a huge fan but have had the first Sword album from when it came out - I like it, it's never left my collection and yet I've never felt like pursuing them further. I'm glad they are still kicking it.

    The Joe Lynn Turner wig issue - yeah he looks pretty cool without it - I might lighten up on the eye liner though, but as he rightly points out he was doing his thing when, especially in hard rock/AOR circles which were his stomping ground you had to have the big hair thing going on - especially if you were a vocalist. I mean Bob Kulick didn't give a toss but he was a guitarist :D
    Over the last 10 - 15 years or even more it's become much less of an issue with the likes of Halford, Corgan, Townshend (Devin) or others who actually have full heads of hair even shaving it down to the bone as it were. One person I thought was pretty cool was Kevn Kinney on the Drivin N Cryin DVD Scarred but Smarter - where it shows his hairpiece being applied and he's very open about it on there. Good on yer both.

    A new Heep album - great stuff nice way to start the new year.

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