Dynazty - 2011 Knock You Down

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ARTIST: Dynazty
ALBUM: Knock You Down
LABEL: Stormvox Records
YEAR: 2011
SPONSOR: Dynazty (band)


LINEUP: Nils Molin - vocals * Rob Love - guitars * Joey Fox - bass * George Egg - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Sleeping With The Enemy * 02 New Sensation * 03 The Devils Playground * 04 Hunger For Love * 05 Get It On * 06 Knock You Down * 07 Mr Money * 08 Wild Nights * 09 Brand New Day * 10 Throne Of China * 11 The Great Delusion * 12 This Is My Life * 13 A Girl Like You

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Back in 2009, many of us were blown away by new Swedish sensations Dynazty. You can read our review here (link below).

I won't rehash words, but I will say this: what with the popularity of fellow Swedes The Poodles, Bullet and H.E.A.T, coupled with rising newcomers Houston and impressive outings from old boys Treat and Bad Habit, Swedish melodic hard rock and AOR is in very good shape right now.

Not that there has ever been a decline in quality from this region of the world, unlike the former hotbed of AOR (the USA, which can't quite get its act together anymore). More than once, I've formed this opinion that Dynazty could be the reincarnation of former Swedish faves Aces High.

Their hi-octane brand of melodic rock is really a few notches up on everyone else in this game. If someone can think of any other Swedish outfit operating with this level of intensity then feel free to drop me a line.

Yes, the glam-sleaze edge is still there, but overall it's just hard hitting melodic rock that rules the roost here, but I guess when you've got bands like Crazy Lixx and Reckless Love all operating in the same context, then the boundaries become very fuzzy indeed.

The Songs

That Aces High comparison hits home as soon as the opener 'Sleeping With The Enemy', a big booming relentless sound which lays the foundation for the remainder of the album.

'New Sensation' introduces gang chorus chants and from here on in, singer Nils Molin's voice takes on a quality not heard since Elektradrive's Elio Maugeri, and that is a huge compliment as I rate Maugeri very highly. It was something I mentioned in my review of 'Bring The Thunder' and I repeat it here again.

'The Devil's Playground' is Dynazty's take on todays modern melodic rock/metal, but it's the older influenced material that stands out.

'Hunger For Love' with its addictive chorus and the groovy 'Get It On' are great examples.

The title track is a rampant melodic blockbuster, with Molin in fine (Maugeri influenced) form, one of the highlights on the album for me.

'Mr Money' features some straight ahead 80's sounding riffs but it's the attitude that sets it apart, a single middle finger to those that don't care.

'Wild Nights' is a return to the Aces High foundation sound, while 'The Great Delusion' is just sheer intensity compacted into four plus minutes.

The token ballad 'This Is My Life' is just lovely, with wide sounding acoustic guitars and subtle synth layers making way for some stinging electric guitar parts. For me, it's one of best ballads I've heard this year.

In Summary

I like what Dynazty have to offer; balls to the wall melodic rock combining energy, zestful youth, a decent slice of songs, power and no hint of excess.

Lean and mean, trim to bone, chuck in a dab of that aforementioned glam/sleaze and this lot are at the top of their game.

Admittedly, they aren't offering anything different from their debut album, and that could be slight criticism if one was thinking of the bands overall development, but hey when it's this good, who's complaining?

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