Fowler, Rick (Band) - 2011 Discordia (EP)

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ARTIST: Fowler, Rick (Band)
ALBUM: Discordia (EP)
LABEL: Redrum Music
YEAR: 2011
SPONSOR: Rick Fowler


LINEUP: Rick Fowler - vocals, guitars * Michael Doke - guitar, slide guitar, vocals * Greg Veale - bass, vocals * Deane Quinter - drums * Tim 'Drawbar' White - hammond organ

TRACK LISTING: 01 Guided Missile * 02 Hellhound * 03 I Know You Rider * 04 Saving Grace * 05 This Life

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Rick Fowler, the former member of Ziggurat, Fortnox and Bombay makes another appearance here at the hallowed halls of GDM.

We've reviewed just about every square inch of vinyl that Rick has officially released, plus we had a very interesting interview a few years back which talked about his music and his condition living with Tourettes Syndrome.

That hasn't prevented Rick from making music, which is more than just a past time. Rick, now firmly established with his own Rick Fowler Band, he follows up his 2008 album 'On My Good Foot' with this five-tracker 'Discordia'.

It's still a rockin' blues album for sure, slightly more on the rock side of blues rather than the other way around.

The Songs

RFB leads off with 'Guided Missile', the blues treatment given a rockier than usual workout, the lyrics are a pointed arrow at the hypocrisy of the modern world, particularly with society's pre-occupation with wealth, greed and sex.

Fans of Johnny Winter will get a kick out of Texan blues style of 'Hellhound', complete with slide guitar and a traditional blues arrangement.

The easy on the ear acoustic melody of 'I Know You Rider' has a lazy warmth to it that would sound great watching the sun go down over the range.

Roughing up ever so slightly is the hard push of 'Saving Grace', which evokes more hard rock than the blues gone before, sort of like Point Blank tripping the switch.

The EP finishes up with the sparse 'This Life', like a mix of Dire Straits jamming with Eric Clapton at the House Of Blues.

In Summary

'Discordia' is a brief burst only, and was recorded independently without any running interference from record labels. Check out Rick's websites to find out more, and to see what's happening down in Athens Georgia.

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