Lost In Thought - 2011 Opus Arise

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ARTIST: Lost In Thought
ALBUM: Opus Arise
LABEL: Inner Wound Recordings
YEAR: 2011
SPONSOR: S Eder (Connecting Music)


LINEUP: Nate Loosemore - vocals * David Grey - guitars, vocals * Greg Baker - keyboards * Simon Pike - bass * Chris Billingham - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Beyond The Flames * 02 Entity * 03 Blood Red Diamond * 04 Seek To Find * 05 New Times Awaken * 06 Delusional Abyss * 07 Lost In Thoughts * 08 Assimulate, Destroy

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Welsh bands have occasionally struck at the melodic heart of rock fans, but they've been too far and few between over the years.

And just like their famous rugby team trying to get one over their arch-rivals the All Blacks, a band like Lost In Thought will have a hard time trying to convince the rest of the prog metal world that there is more to Welsh life than leeks, Catherine Zeta Jones, coal mines and Torchwood.

From the seaside city of Swansea (now harbouring a Welsh football team in the EPL for the first time ever I might add), Lost In Thought to my mind are a fantastic outfit that deserve far more recognition than they currently have.

A combination of Pagans Mind, Pathosray and a touch of Dream Theater, I don't think it will take long for them to win over some of the prog metal faithful. You gotta start somewhere right? Even if (initially), it is at the bottom of the pile.

Signed to Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings, those guys obviously knew a thing or two about potential, and Lost In Thought are hardly day-dreamers.

Formed in 2007, the band have been through a number of line-up changes plus some stops-starts. Jones, Baker and Pike first started out with original lead singer Deane Lazenby and drummer Ben Coffee. Pike and Coffee left in 2008 to be replace by Rhys Anislow and Chris Billingham.

A 3-track EP was recorded in 2008, then the five-piece set about on creating their debut album. But by 2009, the band had folded, only to be resurrected at the tail of the year, with Pike returning on bass, along with a new singer Nathan 'Nate' Loosemore, taking over from Lazenby.

The Songs

Reading many comments about this band and about this album, the common theme that seems to shine through is that they are Dream Theater copyists.

Now, I don't listen to any DT these days, their brand of technical rock does nought for me, so I hear things a lot differently from the prog complainers out there. Take Pagans Mind for instance.

The opener 'Beyond The Flames' is a testimony to Norways finest, but the change-up comes in the smooth melodic chorus, fit for an AOR band I reckon.

You can hear doors open and close on second outing 'Entity', the rollicking prog metal a replica of Italy's Pathosray at their finest.

'Blood Red Diamond' was a track from their 3-track EP (as was 'Entity') and gets a reworking here, and I guess it would be fair to say that Loosemore has a passing resemblance to DT's James LaBrie if this track is anything to go by.

On the next track 'Seek To Find', Loosemore finds parity with a band such as Seventh Wonder, who themselves are joined at DT's hip, but it's the intense aggression that is the stand out here.

For a bit of a breather, Lost In Thought take us on balladic journey with 'New Times Awaken', a soaring tune which should uplift even the most troubled soul.

'Delusional Abyss' is a deep and intense affair but it's still covered in sticky sweet melody.

The title track is just so huge sounding, everyone adding their musical dexterity and skill to the melting pot. Massive.

The aptly titled 'Assimilate Destroy' might sound like something out of a Star Trek episode involving the Borg, but really we should be in Lost In Thought's universe instead. One of the album's faster tracks, it really gallops along at a good clip, not quite Dragonforce or Divinefire speed, but good enough to be considered in the same league as some of Europe's best power and prog metal outfits.

In Summary

Without doubt, this band have a future. Just quite how they break out of UK's oppressive music industry is something they will need to consider.

But with mainstream Europe oh so close, there's every chance of picking up support slots to further their exposure in those markets.

Though this CD was released back in April, LIT were going out on the road as a support slot to Delain and Serenity.

For anyone interested in bands such as Pagans Mind or Seventh Wonder, and even for those protaganists who support Dream Theater, then Lost In Thought should be on your money list.

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