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ARTIST: Bright, The
ALBUM: Objects Of My Affection
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2011
SPONSOR: The Bright


LINEUP: Julie Lange - vocals * Kell Curtis - guitars * Taylor Tatsch - guitars * Eric Jenkins - keyboards * Miguel Fair - bass * Robert Yahne - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Save The Night * 02 Deep Fall * 03 10 Hearts * 04 Charmed * 05 Over And Over * 06 How I Feel * 07 Catch My Love * 08 Imagination Overload * 09 Diving For Stars * 10 You Will Love Again * 11 Carry On * 12 When I'm Lost

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The Bright shone upon all of us back in 2008 with their lovely debut 'In Lucid Dreams', filled to the brim of happy go lucky songs and melodic pop-rock.

Championed by Kelv Hellrazer, the band from the Dallas-Fort Worth combine, have got that little special something that stands them out in the crowd.

No, I'm not talking about the lovely Julie Lange, although many would agree she is definitely the cherry on top of the hundreds and thousands, it's the music which keeps on delivering long after the CD is out of the tray.

It has been three years since their last appearance here at GDM, and since then, they've landed a new drummer (Robert Yahne) and hooked a very creative keyboardist-producer in Eric Jenkins, so that extends the melodies even further with this lot.

Still not signed to a major (unsurprising really, considering the state of the record industry in the USA), The Bright continue to do things their way and with Kell Curtis driving the PR arm, there are many avenues in which to promote The Bright through traditional melodic rock Internet connections. Let's have a listen to the music.

The Songs

There are twelve tracks here, and I'm loving what I am hearing. It's a superb cross of 80's pop rock and todays contemporary modern sound, with a dab into old timers like Fleetwood Mac, Quarterflash (without the saxophone), Blondie and of course Tami Show who we mentioned in our previous review of this band.

Leading off with the punctuated 'Save The Night', it's a cute little pop rocker with nice retro guitar lines and Julie's chorus with the 'hey now, hey now' is the musical equivalent of selling ice to the Eskimos.

'Deep Fall' is a different kettle of fish, layered carefully from top to bottom, everything about this track smells class.

'10 Hearts' is easy on the ear too, but the overall delivery is magnificent. It's my fave track on the album thus far.

Check the big 70's vibe of 'Charmed'. There are a few past-decades hints in this song, from the whirly-gig keyboards to the rocket-booster guitars that trill flangers in a way that Robin Trower would be proud of. Plus there are a handful of effects going on that seem to have been stolen out of Steve Stevens bag of tricks.

'Over And Over' is light and jangly, with Julie's lovely vocal capturing a warmth that fits within the confines of this breezy pop track like fluffy froth on a Saturday morning cappuccino.

Digging a bit deeper into substance, 'How I Feel' rides on the back of a Rhodes like layer from Jenkins, the guitars slightly tougher but melody still abounds.

'Catch My Love' drives a funkier direction, the popping bass parts, the hard-driving guitar and Eric Jenkins' rollercoaster keyboards. This would make a sensational live track I reckon.

'Imagination Overload' is a harder style of pop with slower verses and a ramped up chorus complete with spiraling keyboards. This is a winner too.

'Diving For Stars' is the first ballad on the album, it's orchestral mostly, but the electrics harden up toward the end, with Lange's voice soaring into the aether.

Acoustic guitar is the prelude for 'You Will Love Again', but again, The Bright ease out of the driveway and take this vehicle along the pop-rock highway with next to no effort. It's supremely melodic at every turn and no red lights are encountered on its 3 and half minute journey.

By contrast 'Carry On' contains slightly darker and harder edges which is pulled toward heavier pop-rock outfits such as Evanesence for instance. It was interesting hearing this one, because it gives one an opportunity to hear The Bright move to another level of intensity, and they handle it very well.

The closer 'When I'm Lost' is a dreamy (folky even) number that winds things down perfectly.

In Summary

I was impressed with 'In Lucid Dreams' but I think 'Objects Of My Affection' is a major step in the right direction, and I'm completely sold. Hook line and sinker. You can track this album down at iTunes and Rhapsody - if some of you want to go that little bit further with this band.

Now that The Bright have two excellent albums under their wing, all it needs is for some creative label to throw some resources their way and offer them the sort of deal that could take them beyond being just regional identities in DFW.

The rest of the world needs to know about this excellent band. And in this day and age of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the melodic pop-rock world needs its own fashionista.

I think we've found her with Julie Lange, and all that glorious hair! God knows it's been decades since we've had one, so go to it Jules, tear it up!

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