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ARTIST: 9-1-1
ALBUM: 9-1-1
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1995


LINEUP: Dominic Gilbert - guitars, vocals * Louis Dubois - guitars, keyboards * Franz Arseneault - bass, vocals * Stef Morin - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Don't Wait * 02 H.O.P.E * 03 Shake, Shake * 04 How Do You Feel? * 05 Space Travel * 06 A Thought For Lorenzo


9-1-1 were a Canadian project which landed during the middle of the 1990's. Not a great time on the world calendar to be appearing and wanting to make your make your mark within the melodic rock scene.

It would be like benevolent Aliens arriving on Earth during the middle of the Great Plague and the Dark Ages expecting to usher in a era of enlightenment, as citizens were chucking out the contents of their chamber-pots over their balconies. Yeah right.

Having recently acquired this French Canadian collection, I come away quite impressed. These guys might look like prog contenders, but this veers more toward melodic hard rock than anything. That you can be assured of!

The Songs

Yes, there are lots of keyboards, but in the vein of bands like Prophet, Tradia and Faith Nation, so this should appeal to many GDM regulars from the get-go.

It's only a short CD (just under 24 minutes), six tracks all up, but nearly everything here is a winner. Spacious synths, crisp guitar work and soaring vocals all combine to make 9-1-1 a 'must listen' experience.

Check out the lush 'Shake Shake', starting out with an introspective opening, it opens out onto a wide vista.
'H.O.P.E' with its swirling synths is a reminder of that first Prophet album.

Tough guitars announce 'How You Do Feel' with the singer sounding like Russell Arcara in his prime.

The longest track here is the epic 'Space Travel'. A pompster's dream, with keyboards everywhere. Fantastic stuff.

9-1-1 finish up with the celtic folk instrumental 'A Thought For Lorenzo', which is bit different, and a let-down from the previous five tracks.

In Summary

1995 had some good moments, with some very underrated releases flying under the radar that year.

9-1-1 certainly flew so low to the ground, they should be asked by the Aerospace industry as to how they did it.

No, I take that back, we don't want to giving Lockheed or Boeing any such help. In the meantime, add '9-1-1' to your wants list.

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