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ARTIST: Kimberly Frank
ALBUM: Kimberly Frank
LABEL: Black Horse
YEAR: 1998
CD REISSUE: 1999, Joyspeed (Japan), SCCJ-1

LINEUP: Kimberly Frank - vocals * Tim Pierce, Gene Black, James Herrah - guitars * Neil Stubenhaus - bass * Jeffrey Vanston, Tom Harriman - keyboards * J.R Robinson, Jeffrey Vanston, Tom Harriman - drums Kimberly Frank, Mark Smith, Joseph Williams, Delory - background vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Way You Love Me * 02 Where I've Never Been * 03 Kissing Goodbye My Tears * 04 I Live For Your Love * 05 Deep Kiss * 06 Walk The Walk * 07 My Love, My Life * 08 Heaven In Your Eyes * 09 Tender Is The Heart (bonus)


Atlanta based singer Kimberly Franks first came to prominence during 1994. Her debut album '1000 Miles' featured an amazing line-up of musicians who are some of the best in their chosen field. The lineup on this - her second album is practically the same as on her debut, and looking at it, there is class scattered all throughout, just check the line-up above.

Production chores fall to Chris Lord-Alge, who also produced '1000 Miles'. Reviews of that album placed Franks in an eclectic field, combining pop, smooth jazz, and CCM like qualities. However, this self titled album which surfaced four years later, moves Kimberly into the gunsights of female acts such as Belinda Carlisle, Trace Balin, Rachel Rachel and the like.

The Songs

Though Kimberly has penned a few of these tracks herself, it's the list of outside writers who contribute some of these songs that will immediately hit home for AOR trainspotters.

Jeff Paris, Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly from I-Ten fame, Louise Goffin,Amy Sky plus of course the ABBA pairing of Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who contribute 'My Love My Life'.

Guitarist Tim Pierce's familiar tone is evident from the start on Kimberly's self-penned 'Way You Love Me', a smooth semi-ballad, as it is with the delicious mid-west patter of 'Where I've Never Been', this one gets a bit sassy in parts.

Probably the most rockiest track here is the Jeff Paris co-write 'Kissing Goodbye My Tears', which could be a late 80's Belinda Carlisle track. Nice tune this one.

'I Live For Your Love' has CCM qualities, but I found 'Deep Kiss' to be a bit better, the stinging guitar solo has a lovely Michael Landau tone, very nice. This one was written by Steinberg, Kelly and Louise Goffin, and it also appears on her 1988 album 'This Is The Place'.

Taking the bluesy road is 'Walk The Walk', this one didn't do anything for me unfortunately, the Anderson/Ulvaeus penned 'My Love My Life' is smooth but is meandering pop mostly.

I much prefer it when Kimberly is rocking out, like on 'Heaven In Your Eyes', and though she might be out of her comfort zone when she does so, it sounds ok from where I sit.

Another Steinberg/Kelly composition 'Tender Is The Heart' adds another classy song to the album, this one sounding like something off Holly Knight's 1988 solo album.

In Summary

Initially released on a small American label Black Horse Records, this album was repackaged and re-released a year later in Japan on the Joyspeed label, with 'Tender Is The Heart' as the bonus track.

The credits on this album are a bit confusing. I have the Japanese inlay which details the above musicians playing. I have since seen a European version of this album (without the bonus track) with a differing lineup. I'm not sure what gives. To add to the confusion, another version of the album was released and renamed as 'Deep Kiss'.

There were same slight changes including the addition of four extra tracks that aren't featured here ('Until Tonight', 'Oh Lord We Pray', 'Healing Water' and 'Time Won't Tell'. For those of you into female fronted pop/rock, Kimberly Franks is a name to check out. I haven't seen any recent releases from this woman, perhaps indicating that she left us with just the two albums.

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