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ARTIST: Big Bad Wolf
ALBUM: Big Bad Wolf
SERIAL: 199652
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Rolf Hartley - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards * Craig Chaquico - guitars, vocals * Brett Bloomfield - bass, vocals * Kenny Stavropoulos - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Midnight Angel * 02 Whereyawannago * 03 I Can't Get Over You * 04 Walk Don't Run * 05 Crystal * 06 Shot Down By Love * 07 Cutting Edge * 08 Three Chords Of Steel * 09 Light On For You * 10 Blame It On Rock * 11 Don't Say Goodbye


Formed from the ashes of San Francisco rockers Le Mans (Bloomfield and Stavropoulos) along with Starship's Craig Chaquico, Big Bad Wolf were probably ten years too late to make any real impact on the hard rock scene.

Chaquico must have felt like he needed to rock out a little, after releasing a spate of new-age acoustic guitar albums during the early 90's. If you thought that Starship's 'Love Among The Cannibals' was a Def Leppard tribute album, then Big Bad Wolf's sole album takes it up another notch.

It's a big-sounding album, the backing vocals have definitely taken some of the Lepp's style, perhaps that's why many people compare it as such, but there's more to this band than being left in the same petri-dish as Elliot and co. For instance, some of the songs have a Winger vibe to it.

The only guy without a profile in this band is lead singer Rolf Hartley, who comes off like a grittier version of Tony Harnell. From what I understand, these tracks were recorded in the early 90's, the album only being posthumously released in 1998. Based on that, everything kinda makes sense now.

The Songs

I really liked this album when it first appeared, and I occasionally drag it out for a spin. Opener 'Midnight Angel' is a massive wall of sound, but it's the vocals of Hartley that impress, so too the guitar overkill from Chaquico.

'Whereyawannago' exhibits hair metal tendencies from the late 80's, complete with big gang chant vocals and booming drums. 'Walk Don't Run' is a smokin' track with unusual rhythm guitar lines, while 'Shot Down By Love' is a prowling 5 minute monster.

BBW also offer up a couple of ballads in 'I Can't Get Over You', 'Crystal' and 'Light On For You'. Plus the closer 'Don't Say Goodbye' is an electric power ballad with big anthem like vocal choruses. Some might say there are too many ballads here, and on that count, I'd probably agree.

In Summary

Admittedly, 1998 wasn't a great year for melodic hard rock, in fact, the latter part of the decade was a bit of a write-off to be honest. Big Bad Wolf came and went like many other one-off wonders during this timeframe.

Would be interested to know if the band had more than just these songs in the bag, I have heard rumours that there were, but they haven't surfaced to my knowledge. Chaquico reverted back to releasing more acoustic material and continues to do so today.


Midnight Angel

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