Unruly Child - 1998 Waiting For The Sun

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ARTIST: Unruly Child
ALBUM: Waiting For The Sun
SERIAL: 199667
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Kelly Hansen - vocals, guitars * Bruce Gowdy - guitars, keyboards, bass * Jay Schellen - drums, percussion * Ricky Phillips - bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Heart Run Free * 02 Rise Up * 03 Why Should I Care * 04 Forever * 05 Man Inside * 06 Do You Ever Think Of Me * 07 Still Believe * 08 To The Cross * 09 Fool Again * 10 Live In The Night * 11 Waiting For The Sun



After reviewing Unruly Child's comeback CD 'Worlds Collide' not long ago, I thought it might be an opportunity to review their back catalogue. I'll start with their sophomore album 'Waiting For The Sun', released six years after their immense 1992 debut.

Whether you could call this an Unruly Child album based off the style/merits of the debut is debatable.

Many have aligned 'Waiting For The Sun' closer to the band Hurricane, due to the Kelly Hansen inclusion along with his former bandmate Jay Schellen, but that's about where the comparisons end.

Considering Hansen went on to sing with Foreigner, Unruly Child keep it within the framework of melodic rock, and as Bruce Gowdy is the driving force and catalyst, the comparisons should start and end with him.

Stylistically this is some way away from the debut, where many of the songs were well suited to Mark Free's vocals and kept in the context of AOR.

Not so here, but this is still a good listen without ever reaching the heights of the debut or 'Worlds Collide' for that matter.

The Songs

In saying that though, the album gets off to a cracking start with 'Heart Run Free', Hansen's vocal lending this version of Unruly Child with a different flavour, though still tasty.

Some of the more enlightened among you will be aware that two of the songs featured here also appeared on Bobby Kimball's 1994 'Rise Up' album, for which Bruce Gowdy collaborated extensively with Bobby.

Though there are a handful of years between Kimball's effort and this one, I would've hoped that Bruce could have included brand new material rather than the re-badged versions with Hansen's vocals ('Rise Up' and 'Live In The Night').

'Why Should I Care' and the acoustic sweep of 'Forever' are both lush to start with, but UC load up heavier guns as we progress through them. Nice tracks for sure.

I didn't care too much for 'Man Inside', but the mellow drama of 'Do You Ever Think Of Me' is premier stuff, a bit predictable in parts but well delivered nonetheless.

Acoustic guitar dominates 'Still Believe' at the start, but gradually gives in to its bossy electric cousin further in. Same goes for 'To The Cross', played in a similar vein.

'Fool Again' treads mid-tempo territory effectively, some useful moments apparent, while the finale 'Waiting For The Sun' navigates Winger and Brian McDonald's material with similar intent.

In Summary

The acoustic intro/build up into an electric crescendo is an all too familiar pattern on this album, and by the end there were no real surprises on offer.

Back in 1998 Unruly Child might have fooled some of the people some of the time, but the reality check a decade on would've put paid to that result.

There are moments that are good, but in fairness, and as said before, it's less of a true Unruly Child album without Mark/Marcie Free up front.

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