No Name - 1998 The Other Side

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ALBUM: The Other Side
LABEL: Angular Records
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Patrik Kiefer - vocals * Yves Di Propsero - guitars * Gilles Loes - bass, bass pedals, additional guitars * Alex Rukavina - keyboards, programming 8 Chris Sonntag - drums, percussion

Guest: Iris Sonntag - flute 'No Farewell'

TRACK LISTING: 01 Horizion * 02 Dolphins Sharks And A Flood Of Sunshine * 03 Downpour Sunflowers And Sadness * 04 Strange Decisions * 05 Tan' Ibhan: Leap In The Dark * 06 Tan' Ibhan: The Discovery * 07 Tan' Ibhan: Sha'uri * 08 Tan' Ibhan: Ra * 09 Tan' Ibhan: The Ruler * 10 Tan' Ibhan: No Farewell * 11 In The name Of The Moon



It's not everyday we come across a band from the country of Luxembourg. Tucked away between Belgium, France and Germany, I'm guessing this is probably the best known band to come from there.

Steeped in a neo-prog tradition, this combo have been around since 1989, and originate from Dudelange based right on the Luxembourg/French border in the south.

If you're a fan of Marillion, IQ and other bands of that ilk, then No Name will be right up your alley.

'The Other Side' was (up to this point) the band's third album. It's melodic, not overly heavy, and well versed on typical progressive themes.

Of particular interest is the combined 36 minute epic 'Tan Ibhan' which is made up six segments.

I like the cover art for this album too; all to do with stargates and precedes the theme used by Pagans Mind on their 2002 classic 'Celestial Entrance' by at least four years.

The Songs

Singer Patrick Kiefer has a voice that is quite commercial sounding; if he was singing in the previous decade comparisons could easily be made to new romantic bands such as Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet etc. You get my drift.

However it's progressive rock that is the prevailing style here, from the artistic opener 'Horizon' to the weirdly titled pairing of 'Dolphins, Sharks And A Flood Of Sunshine' and 'Downpour, Sunflowers And Sadness'.

As mentioned, it's the 6 part epic 'Tan Ibhan' which is the piece de resistance here. If you read through the lyrics, the tale weaves its way across the desert and into Egypt. Mention of rulers and Ra all intersect across the extended playing time. Of course, this is as progressive as it gets, so revellers of this sub-genre and style won't be disappointed.

In Summary

Since this release, No Name have released a pair of EP's, a newer album in 2006 simply called '4' plus a 20th anniversary CD in 2009 called '20 Candles'. Sounds like a birthday celebration to me!

For prog fans, a worthwhile band to check out, probably less so for AORsters looking for more in the way of hard rocking energy.

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