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ARTIST: Line Up In Paris
ALBUM: Line Up In Paris
LABEL: Rammit/BEI Canada
SERIAL: BEI-70055-5000-2
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Neil Meckelborg - vocals, keyboards * Rob Landolt - guitars, vocals * Cam Ewart - bass, vocals * Tom Balon - drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Emotional Addiction * 02 Never Be The Same * 03 Circus * 04 Feels Like Rain * 05 Close To Me * 06 What You Do To Me * 07 Fear Of Flying * 08 Can't Be Me Tonight * 09 A Day In The Life * 10 Fire Inside


We've reviewed a few bands from out in the Prairies of Canada, here's another one to add to the list.

Although from a global perspective they might be unknowns, that wouldn't be the case if you lived in Saskatoon Saskatchewan where Line Up In Paris were regular attendees in the various nightspots and clubs.

Nothing French about this lot at all, just great Canadian melodic rock with strong guitars and a solid rhythm section.

The band were led by the late Neil Meckelborg, a keyboardist and singer who's voice had a Tom Cochrane inflection.

Meckelborg was previously a member of another Saskatoon band called May Run who released an album back in 1991 called 'Days Into Years', though he didn't play on that particular CD.

Line Up In Paris don't go down the Red Rider route, nor do they attempt to follow Cochrane's foray into country-rock thankfully. It's all very 90's light hair-metal fare with AOR tendencies, and very digestible too I might add.

The Songs

We won't cover every song, but will hand pick a few just so you have an idea as to what these guys are all about.

A set of stomping drums introduces 'Emotional Addiction', soon after the guitars of Rob Landolt arrive dressed in sonic feedback followed by Meckelborg's Cochrane styled vocal.

'Never Be The Same' is fuelled by some 80's guitar work and attitude that wouldn't look out of place in that congested L.A hair metal scene.

'Close To Me' takes on a funkier aspect with bass and guitars competing, while 'Fear The Flying' reminds one of that healthy 90's indie scene that many on a site like Heavy Harmonies adore while the rest of us scoff with indifference.

In Summary

Line Up In Paris released two CD's; 1995's 'Reprise' plus this one, but nothing beyond that it would seem.

Meckelborg would go on to found Audio Art Studios, becoming the go-to facility for many of the local artists in Saskatoon.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2008, Meckelborg would eventually succumb to his illness and passed away in July 2009.

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